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One of the trademarks of a good Scout or Scouter is knowing your resources. From Internet links, forms and applications, to program and training materials, look to this section for your Scouting needs.

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Health & Safety Resources

Forms listed on this page are in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and/or Adobe PDF format. You will need Microsoft Office, or Adobe Acrobat® Reader to view and print these forms. Free PDF Reader software may be downloaded from the

Forms & Misc. Resources

Merit Badge and Couselor Forms



Joining and Recruitment Tools

The following are documents to help designed to assist those wanting to join and also to assist units recruit new members.

Official BSA Websites

The following Internet sites have been put together and are provided by the BSA National Council.

The Boy Scouts of America You Tube Channels
Online Advancement & Rechartering Tools


Incident/Liability Forms

An overlooked, but extremely important element of any Scout activity when something goes wrong.
WHAT is an incident?
Any unplanned event that results in harm to an individual, property or the environment.

WHY report?
It is important that we (BSA) sustain the safe operation of our programs and promote continuous improvement.

Information is valuable in preventing reoccurrences of similar incidents. Facts are critical to allowing response in an appropriate manner, and to help properly manage potential claims (insurance and litigation).

WHEN is a report necessary?
A report must be made any time the incident requires the intervention of medical personnel, involves emergency responders, or results in a response beyond Scout rendered first aid.  It is also required if there is a vehicle accident, theft or damage to property.

WHO complete the report?
The event leader or designee should gather all the facts and complete the report.

HOW to report?
Complete, as thoroughly as possible, the BSA INCIDENT INFORMATION REPORT. 

Note:  If the incident involves a fatality, hospitalization for life-threatening or critical injury, allegation of sexual misconduct, or victimization of a Scout, damage in excess of $1 million, expected litigation or potential for national media attention, the Council Scout Executive must be notified immediately.
Click to download the fillable BSA INCIDENT INFORMATION REPORT Incident-Report-Fillable.

WHERE to report?
Return the completed form to the Council staff member responsible for entry into Risk Console.  It can either be delivered by hand to Ray Brauer at the Center for Scouting or emailed, as an attachment, to him at ray.brauer@scouting.org

This reporting procedure does not supersede reporting requirements for specific programs, reporting required by law, BSA Youth Protection reporting requirements, or BSA reporting requirements to OSHA.

Unit Information and Marketing Materials

Build An Adventure

A great marketing campaign combines powerful imagery and a consistent message. This year we are excited to showcase the “Build An Adventure”  recruitment campaign.

“Build An Adventure  marketing materials include fliers, posters, web banners, custom emails, social media images, postcards, and much more.

Unit Leaders Update your BeAScout.org page

BeAScout is an online portal for prospective new families to find out about Scouting programs in their neighborhoods. Simply go to BeAScout.org and type in your zip code to find the closest Scouting in your area.

Unit leaders should be populating their “unit pin” in order to display the most accurate information.