Popcorn Sale 2019

Popcorn Sale

The Twin Valley Council is having their Popcorn Sale this fall from September 21 through October 27. 

Thank You for your participation in the 2019 Popcorn Sale.

Popcorn Tidbits

  1. When using the Square, microphone and location need to be enabled
  2. There have been some recent App updates, everyone who has previously downloaded the app should check to see if they have the latest version.
  3. Refunds for credit card purchases
    •   Scouts can only do refunds the same day of the transaction,
    •   Kernels can only do refunds until the next day
  4. Refunds for cash purchases, Kernels can cancel the order without a time limit.
  5. Units who registered late and qualify for Square readers should still get them and banners in sounds like only in areas where they still have some in stock.