Bunnies on Belgrade
March 8 – April 10, 2021
$50 per person

Bunnies on Belgrade is back!  It may look a little different this year but it’s back in full swing and just as much fun!

This year participants may purchase a “Bunnies on Belgrade Box” for $50.  Each box is filled with treasures from businesses on Belgrade Avenue plus other local vendors, and has a minimum value of $50.  Also included in each Bunnies on Belgrade Box is your numbered egg  – your ticket into the grand prize drawing.

Bunnies on Belgrade Boxes are available until April 9, 2021, by contacting Jennifer Echevarria (see contact below).   Due to Minnesota guidelines this is a cash/check transaction only.  Participants are welcome to purchase as many boxes as desired.  Only 300 boxes will be sold.

Your Bunnies on Belgrade Box will be available for pickup at our “Drive Through Pickup” on Saturday, March 27, from 3-5pm at the Center for Scouting located at 810 Madison Avenue in Mankato.  You will also be able to purchase and pick up boxes March 24-26, 2021, at the Circle Inn on Belgrade Avenue in North Mankato.

Once you receive your Bunnies on Belgrade Box, open it and enjoy your treasures.  Find your numbered egg and keep it near.  Place this important egg in a safe and protected place in your home.  Just don’t lose it as it could be worth $1,000!

On Saturday, April 10, 2021, find your egg and join on Facebook Live at 5pm, for the grand prize drawings; $1,000 CASH or a Big Screen TV.  

New for 2021, Bunnies on Belgrade will be hosting a “12 Day Scout Law Scavenger Hunt”.  Each day, beginning Sunday, March 28, 2021, a clue will be released that focuses on one point of the Scout Law and will lead people to a particular local business.  The first person to decipher the clue and arrive at the correct business will win the prize basket of the day.  This scavenger hunt is open to the public at no cost.  Clues will be delivered via Facebook.

However, for those of you who purchase a Bunnies on Belgrade Box, you will receive exclusive  early access to the day’s clue several hours before it is released to the public.  It’s just another way you can win by participating in Bunnies on Belgrade!

For questions or to reserve your Bunnies on Belgrade Box, please contact Jennifer Echevarria at 507-387-3123 or jennifer.echevarria@scouting.org.

Click here to receive your Early Bird clues to Scavenger Hunt