Planning Checklist

The following is a list of ideas and suggestions to help you plan and prepare for camp.

By January 2024: the troop committee should:
  • Choose to attend camp, set camp dates, and choose a campsite if you have not already done so.
  • Recruit adult leadership for camp. A minimum of 2 adult leaders are required (both must be at least 21 years old or older). Both must be registered members of the BSA and have completed Youth Protection Training. Sharing leadership with other units in the same campsite is acceptable but should be arranged prior to arrival at camp and must have the approval of both unit’s Charter Partner.
  • All adult leaders in camp must be registered members of the BSA and have taken youth protection training within the past 2 years. This includes both part-time and full-time leaders.
  • Hold a parent information meeting to inform Scouts and parents of camp details including dates, fee schedule, and camp program. The Order of the Arrow can help with planning this meeting. Be sure to communicate to parents of Arrow of Light Scouts moving up into your troop as well.
By March 2024: the troop committee should:
  • Hold an Order of the Arrow Election.
  • Hold weekend campouts to prepare for camp including new Arrow of Light crossovers.
  • Conduct a second parents meeting to explain and adopt final plans for camp by the end of April.
  • Contact parents/Scouts not signed up for camp. Twin Valley Council can help arrange for a youth to attend with another troop during another week if needed.
  • Distribute BSA Health Record and Medical Form parts A, B, and C to all members of your troop (youth and adult) who are attending camp.
  • Have Scouts develop a list of merit badges and programs they wish to participate in during camp. Inform them of pre-requisite work to be completed prior to arrival at camp.
  • Work with patrols to plan their “Build Your Adventure” afternoon program selections. Remember you can do adventures both on-site and off-site while at camp.
  • Apply for camperships if needed.
    By May 2024: the troop committee should:
     Pre-register youth for merit badges and afternoon adventures on-line. The Senior Patrol Leader should have a copy of the list. Double check all prerequisites for merit badges.
     Collect all fees and complete troop roster. Register on-line by May 3, 2024, to qualify for early bird or super saver rate.
     Instruct Scouts on what items to bring and not to bring to camp.
Three Weeks before camp: the troop committee should:
  • Collect all physical exam forms from youth and adults. Make sure each form is properly signed and dated by a physician and parent. Ensure all medications being brought to camp are listed on the health form.
  • Double check transportation details both to and from camp.
  • Establish a list of all leaders who will be attending camp including mobile phone #’s.
  • Conduct a troop swim check if wishing to bypass swim checks during check in.
One Week before camp: the troop committee should:
  • Double check all medical forms and make copies for troop use.
  • Hold an inspection of personal packs and patrol gear.
  • Account for troop equipment and prepare for packing.
  • Final check on transportation.
  • Inform Scouts of customs, practices, and rules at camp.
  • Fill out (including list of prerequisites completed) and sign merit badge applications (Blue Cards). (Electronic Blue Cards from Black Pug are also acceptable).
  • Remind Scouts to bring last year’s neckerchief to camp.
The day you leave for camp: the troop committee should:
  • Prepare to have troop medications stored at the medical office or in the lock box at your campsite.
  • Account for all physical forms before leaving for camp. Ensure proper signatures from both parents and physician.
  • Ensure all medications are in original containers with proper dosage instruction and medication cards are filled out and signed. All medications for youth and adults must be kept in locked container under the control of a responsible adult.
  • You will be assigned a check-in time after the early-bird registration has ended. You can arrive anytime between noon at 2:00 p.m. and begin setting up your campsite. You will be advised of the time and check in procedure and time for swim checks.
  • Verify phone number list and drivers picking up troop after camp.
When you arrive at camp: the camp leader should:
  • Greet Staff Host in parking lot, stop in the administration building with the Senior Patrol Leader to check in with the business manager and program director. Turn in number of people in camp and receive key checklist.
  • Troop goes to campsite and begins to set up camp starting with dining fly. You will receive a scheduled time for medical rechecks that will take place in the campsite.
  • You will also have a scheduled time for camp tour and swim checks.