Welcome New Scout Family

Cub Scouts welcome boys and girls grades K-5

Welcome to this fun and exciting adventure we call Cub Scouts!  We hope your family is ready for adventures, exploring the world around you, playing games, building fun things, learning about wildlife and simply spending time in the great outdoors.  And when the kids aren’t watching we add in character building and important life lessons.

If you could give only one gift to the young people who are most important in your life, what would it be?  A feeling of self-worth, right? No matter what your family situation is, it is within your power to help these children grow into people with a good feeling about themselves and a genuine concern for others.  Cub Scouting can assist you in providing this greatest gift of all.


Scouts BSA welcomes boys and girls ages 12-18

Imagine standing at the trailhead with a small group of friends.  It’s early morning, and the air is filled with the scent of pine and honeysuckle.  In a nearby tree, a squirrel is chittering away.  An eagle circles high overhead, soaring gracefully on unseen air currents.  At the trailhead, a weathered trail sign reads simply, “Adventure Ahead!”  That’s it.  No description, no distance, just the promise of some untold adventure.  You can’t tell where the trail leads, but that doesn’t really matter, because you know the journey is the reward.  And so, without a word, you and your friends smile, pick up your packs and take your first steps into adventure, into excitement, into Scouts BSA.

How Does Scouting Work

Cub Scouts; grades K-5

In Cub Scouting, youth and parents work together on the various adventures.  Each grade level has a different handbook which contains age-appropriate adventures.  As youth work through these handbooks completing adventures, they earn belt loops (small metal devices that attach to a Cub Scout belt) and will eventually earn their Cub Scout rank badge to wear on the uniform.  As youth grow in Cub Scouting, moving up grades each year, the role of the parent changes from hands-on involvement to guiding and coaching.  

The Cub Scout program takes place at two levels.  Youth are all part of a den.  A den is a small group of Cub Scouts in the same grade level.  A den meets two or three times a month (typically once a week).  At a den meeting, Cub Scouts work on different adventures from their handbook.  The meeting is led by a parent who volunteers to be the Den Leader.

All dens, from Kindergarten through fifth grade, make up a pack.  Once a month, the dens, with their families, come together at the pack meeting and Cub Scouts are recognized for the adventures and badges they have earned.  There is typically a short program and theme.  The pack meeting is led by the Cubmaster.

Scouts BSA; ages 12-18

Your Scout troop is made up of patrols, with each patrol’s members sharing responsibility for the patrol’s success.  Scouts will learn together, make plans, and turn their ideas into action.  Together, the patrol will achieve much more than each of the Scouts would on their own.

A patrol of eight Scouts is the right size for many outdoor adventures.  Placing Scouts in small groups, called the Patrol Method, is so important that most troop meetings include time for each patrol to meet by itself.  

Everyone in the patrol will have skills and knowledge to share.  Scouts teach one another what to know about new skills.  As friends, they can look out for one another.  Hikes and campouts give the patrol a chance to put its knowledge into practice and to enjoy fellowship, fun and adventures together.


The Adventure Begins in Scouts BSA!

Scouts BSA is for Boys and Girls in grades 6-12.  Scouting happens all year long, so join the fun at any time!

Adams – Troop 114
Wendel Sprung at 507-438-8649 or                   Shannon Drees at 507-440-5427 or

Albert Lea – Troop 7
Mike Boettcher at 507-377-2638 or             Brandy Boettcher at 507-383-3862 or

Alden – Troop 11
Ann Bryson at 507-383-0912 or                  Nancy Jacobs at 507-391-2304 or

Austin – Troop 113
Jeremy Johnson at 507-438-5236 or     Bill Roskop at 507-473-3310 or

Cleveland – Troop 68
Mary Klaseus at 507-931-5844 or                        Nick Klaseus at 507-420-9760 or

Fairmont – Troop 56
Corey Klanderud at 507-238-2554 or                          Mindy Wannarka at 507-236-3805 or

Gaylord – Troop 59
Joseph Strobel at 507-380-0173 or                        Phil Keithahn at 507-237-5535 or

Janesville – Troop 89
Mike Daschner at 507-381-9562 or                       Doug Boomgarden at 507-234-5105 or

Lafayette – Troop 2
Mark Dick at 507-340-6848 or                                Neal Hoffmann at 507-228-8373 or

LeRoy – Troop 84
Chad Knode at 507-273-2953 or                       Michael Young at 507-324-5330 or youngskustoms@frontier

Lyle – Troop 120
Steve Sampson at 507-438-1200 or                             Jacob Thompson at 507-438-7429 or

Mankato Boy Troops
     Troop 4 – Lisa Vasquez at 262-893-3474 or             Laura DeWitte at 507-420-5351 or
     Troop 24 Loyola – Paul Willaert at 507-388-8828 or       Heidi Nelson at 507-317-5407 or
     Troop 76 – Joe Fisher at 507-332-2667 or                         Alex Hutchens at 507-469-4670 or
     Troop 95 – Marquita Hains at 507-380-5093 or              Jessica Keech at 507-317-0572 or

Mankato Girl Troops
     Troop 8 – Lyndal Kosmatka at 618-922-1983 or         Jennifer Weckwerth at 507-382-4435 or
     Troop 35 – Sharla Boyer at 507-508-6173 or                      Brooke Bock at 507-514-5317 or

New Ulm – Troop 25
Dan Kotten at 507-276-7433 or                                  Colin Hames at 507-354-7745 or

North Mankato- Troop 29 
Gregory Ous at 507-388-7847 or                              Nick Maxwell at 952-212-6350 or

Redwood Falls Boy Troop – Troop 42  
Amanda Keppers at 507-215-0821 or          Carrie Luckhardt at 507-430-3975 or

Redwood Falls Girl Troop – Troop 1042
Bobby McDermott at 507-838-0608 or          Michael Luckhardt at 507-430-3975 or

St. Peter – Troop 58
Aaron Libra at 612-644-2055 or                            Ben Malloy at 507-947-3384 or

Sherburn Boys Troops _ Troop 69
Contact Jay Striemer at 507-236-0679 or    Krista Knakmuhs at 507-841-0863 or

Truman – Troop 55
Robert Sitzman at 507-236-1638 or                  David Miller at 507-236-4573 or

Waseca Boys Troops – Troop 85
Shawn Pomeroy at 612-418-7076 or             Julie Anderson at 404-409-7731 or

Waseca Girls Troops – Troop 1085
Contact Nicole Busse at 507-512-33517 or         Julie Anderson at 404-409-7731 or

Wells – Troop 41
Brian Ehlert at 507-383-1083 or                                   Kathleen Thorson at 507-402-1945