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Welcome New Scout Family!

Cub Scouts welcome boys and girls grades K-5

Welcome to this fun and exciting adventure we call Cub Scouts!  We hope your family is ready for adventures, exploration of the world around you, playing games, building fun things, learning about wildlife and simply spending time in the great outdoors.  And when the kids aren’t watching we add in character building and important life lessons.

If you could give only one gift to the young people who are most important in your life, what would it be?  No matter what your family situation is, it is within your power to help these children grow into people with a good feeling about themselves and a genuine concern for others.  Cub Scouting can assist you in providing this greatest gift of all.

Scouts BSA welcomes boys and girls ages 12-18

Imagine standing at the trailhead with a small group of friends.  It’s early morning, and the air is filled with the scent of pine and honeysuckle.  In a nearby tree, a squirrel is chittering away.  An eagle circles high overhead, soaring gracefully on unseen air currents.  At the trailhead, a weathered trail sign reads simply, “Adventure Ahead!”  That’s it.  No description, no distance, just the promise of some untold adventure.  You can’t tell just where the trail leads, but that doesn’t really matter, because you know the journey is the reward.  And so without a word, you and your friends smile, pick up your packs and take your first steps into adventure, into excitement, into Scouts BSA.

Join The Fun At These School Night Events!

St. Clair; Contact Jeff Kagermeier at 612-968-2690
Janesville:  Contact Amy Ostgarden at 507-327-6161 or  
Click here to register with Pack 89 of Janesville
Albert Lea, Glenville, Emmons, Hollandale; Contact Nicole Loyd at 507-402-4413 or Click here to register with Pack 105 of Albert Lea
Waseca; Contact Becky Petsinger at or Larry Sipe at  
Click here to register with Pack 86 of Waseca
Cleveland; Contact Peggy Peterson at 507-327-6790 or  
Click here to register with Pack 15 of Cleveland
St. Peter; Contact Brad Chambers at 703-508-3732 or
Click here to register with Pack 58 of St. Peter
Nicollet;  Contact Becky Sandquist at 507-995-2946 or
Mankato Loyola; Contact Mike Brudelie at 507-380-7938 or
Adams; Contact Kelli Popenhagen at 507-606-5556 or
Click here to register with Pack 114 of Adams
Sherburn; Contact Brian Coulter at 712-260-9794 or
Click here to register with Pack 69 of Sherburn
Lakefield; Contact Stacy Horn at 507-841-1993 or
Click here to register with Pack 81
Redwood Falls, Wabasso, Franklin;Contact Amanda Keppers at 507-215-0821 or
Click here to register with Pack 42
Windom, Heron Lake, OkabenaContact Susan Buss at 507-221-0698 or
Jackson;  Contact Angela Kummrow at 507-350-8603 or
Click here to register with Pack 80
Lakefield; Contact Stacy Horn at 507-841-1993 or
Click here to register with Pack 81
Truman and Lewisville;  Contact Dawn Dague at 507-848-3386 or
Click here to register with Pack 55
Austin; Contact Bob Hartman at 715-409-9474 or
Click here to register with Pack 113
New Ulm & Sleepy Eye; Contact Beth Prechel at 507-439-6219 or or Contact Dan Kotten at 507-276-7433 or
Click here to register with Pack 51
St. Peter;  Contact Brad Chambers at 703-508-3732 or
Click here to register with Pack 58
Gibbon; Contact Dave Messner at 507-327-1590 or
Click here to register with Pack 13
Adams; Contact Kelli Popenhagen at 507-606-5556 or
Click here to register with Pack 114
Jackson; Contact Angela Kummrow at 507-350-8603 or
Click here to register with Pack 80


Tuesday, September 27th
Thursday, September 29th


How Does Scouting Work

Cub Scouts; grades K-5

In Cub Scouting, youth and parents work together on the various adventures.  Each grade level has a different handbook which contains age-appropriate adventures.  As youth work through these handbooks completing adventures, they earn belt loops (small metal devices that attach to a Cub Scout belt) and will eventually earn their Cub Scout rank badge to wear on the uniform.  As youth grow in Cub Scouting, moving up grades each year, the role of the parent changes from hands-on involvement to guiding and coaching.  

The Cub Scout program takes place at two levels.  Youth are all part of a den.  A den is a small group of Cub Scouts in the same grade level.  A den meets two or three times a month (typically once a week).  At a den meeting, Cub Scouts work on different adventures from their handbook.  The meeting is led by a parent who volunteers to be the Den Leader.

All dens, from Kindergarten through fifth grade, make up a pack.  Once a month, the dens, with their families, come together at the pack meeting and Cub Scouts are recognized for the adventures and badges they have earned.  There is typically a short program and theme.  The pack meeting is led by the Cubmaster.

Scouts BSA; ages 12-18

Your Scout troop is made up of patrols, with each patrol’s members sharing responsibility for the patrol’s success.  Scouts will learn together, make plans, and turn their ideas into action.  Together, the patrol will achieve much more than each of the Scouts would on their own.

A patrol of eight Scouts is the right size for many outdoor adventures.  Placing Scouts in small groups, called the Patrol Method, is so important that most troop meetings include time for each patrol to meet by itself.  

Everyone in the patrol will have skills and knowledge to share.  Scouts teach one another what to know about new skills.  As friends, they can look out for one another.  Hikes and campouts give the patrol a chance to put its knowledge into practice and to enjoy fellowship, fun and adventures together.


I'm Ready To Join - Now What Do I Do?

There are several ways to join Scouting

  • Contact the Center for Scouting to find out the name and contact information for a unit near you; 507-387-3123.
  • Attend a “Join Scouting” event.  Units will be hosting events throughout the fall.
  • Check out to locate units close to you.

When you are ready to join click below to find a unit

Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts

Cub Scouting is for boys and girls in grades Kindergarten through the 5th grade.  Youth meet in age appropriate groups called “dens” 3 times / month.  Once per month, all dens come together for a “pack meeting”.  Cub Scouting focus on teaching youth Duty to God, Country, Family, and Self.  

Boy Scouts

Scouts BSA

For youth ages 11-17. Scouts BSA is a year-round program for boys and girls in fifth grade through high school that provides fun, adventure, learning, challenge, and responsibility to help them become the best version of themselves. Youth are in gender specific troops that meet weekly and go on monthly campouts/outdoor activities. In Scouts BSA, young men and women go places, test themselves, and have one-of-a-kind adventures that can’t be found anywhere else.



Venturing is a co-ed high adventure program for youth ages 14-21.



Exploring is a co-ed career awareness program for youth ages 14-21.