Patrol Cooking at Campsites

Breakfast – Food pick-up is between 6:30 – 7:15am
Dinner – Food pick-up is between 4:30 – 5:45pm

Commissary: Regular food service is accomplished by the Patrol Method. Raw food and ingredients are portioned and packaged at the Commissary, where patrols pick up supplies before each meal and prepare them at their own campsite. Through this method we hope to strengthen your patrol structure and teach Scouts teamwork and cooking skills.

Lunch will be provided in the Camp wide Meal Area Monday-Wednesday and on Friday. Thursdays will be at the Scoutcraft/Eagle Trail Area. Each Scout will need to bring their own plate, drink, and utensils. Sunday dinner and Friday dinner will also be provided in the Campwide Meal Area. Help may be requested from units to help prepare, set up, or clean up after lunch. The Cuyuna Arcade and Trading Post will be open after lunch.

Each patrol is provided a menu and cooking instructions in the Cuyuna Cooker. This manual contains all food quantities and cooking instructions for your cooks. Please have the cooks read it carefully before they begin preparing the meals. Meals have been carefully planned to provide a balanced diet with adequate portions.

Special Diets: If any Scouts or leaders have dietary needs for medical or other reasons, please let us know at least two weeks prior to your arrival and confirm your needs with the business manager during check-in.

Other Menu Changes: Let us know in advance for extra food requests needed for guests. This can be done by contacting the business manager in cuyuna cooking
Food Storage: No leftover food is allowed in the campsite overnight unless properly stored and locked in your troop trailer. If you are unable to securely store excess food, bring it to the commissary in a labeled cooler for storage. Please bring all perishable, uncooked food to the commissary and have all garbage and recyclables in the containers provided and ready for pick-up at your site by 7:30 p.m. each evening.

Commissary Trail: Scouts and adult leaders should not walk on the road between the administration building and commissary. During the week, supply trucks use this section of road to deliver food and other items and present a threat to the welfare of campers. A trail runs along the road from the commissary to the administration building. Please use this trail and not the road.

Lunch: Lunch will be provided in the camp wide meal area Monday-Wednesday and on Friday. Thursday’s lunch will be provided at the Scoutcraft/Eagle Trail Area. Each camper should bring their own plate, eating utensils, and drink.

Troop Equipment: Each unit will need to provide its own cooking and serving equipment since we are a patrol-method camp and troops prepare their own meals. Please see the list of recommended equipment on-line.