Annual Recognition Event

Council Annual Recognition Event
Sunday, April 23, 2023
WOW Zone, Mankato
$25 per person

Volunteers are the backbone of Scouting.  Without our volunteers, the Scouting program would be amiss.  As a thank you, let’s join together for a time of celebration and let’s recognize some outstanding volunteers from 2022.

Congratulations Silver Beavers

Kathy Ehlert:  Kathy has served as Assistant Cubmaster from 2004-2009, Venture Crew Advisor from 2010-2019, and Troop 41’s Charter Organization Representative, Assistant Scoutmaster, and Merit Badge Counselor from 2019-present.  She has earned the District Award of Merit and is a Vigil Honor in the Order of the Arrow.

Kathy and her husband, Brian, have been married for 30 years and have four children:  Megan, Corey, Makenzie, and Melany and one grandchild, Jaxton. 

Kathy has also served as a Sunday School Teacher for 10 years at the Good Shepard Lutheran Church in Wells, MN and a counselor at the Good Shepherd Bible Camp for 5 years.  She has been an EMT for the Bricelyn Fire and Ambulance for 18 years where she saved a youth’s life who was involved in a hunting accident.


Lisa Vasquez:  Lisa has served as Cubmaster for Pack 91 and is currently Scoutmaster for Troop 4 in Mankato.  She has also served on the Twin Valley Council Executive Board as the Vice President of Membership, Training Chair, and Vice President of Program.  She served on staff at Camp Cuyuna as the Aquatics Director and attended National Camping School for Aquatics.  Lisa has serves on many committees, such as Camp-o-rees, EXPO committee, and has helped run countless camping programs.

Lisa has a love for animals and nature.  Over the past several years has found a home for over 65 pets by being a pet foster parent.  She and her family help the animals overcome their fears and transition into loving pets. 

Lisa plays the violin for various events, is a reader at St. John Catholic Church and is a Travel Leader for International Student Travels. 


District Award of Merit

Brenda Bachenberg – North Star Neighborhood:  Brenda is the Committee Chair and a Den Leader for Pack 80 in Jackson. She and her husband Tim have two children, Justice Badgley (23), an Eagle Scout, and James Bachenberg (9). She has served in many roles in Scouting including co-camp director for Fun with Son in 2008, ran programs at Cedar Point from 2008-2013 and was a Den Leader and Committee Chair for Pack 80 during that time. In the fall of 2022, she helped put together a neighborhood shooting sports event at Cedar Point. Breanda also recently joined the council membership committee.



Council Awards

Above and Beyond Award Kevin Cole:  Kevin serves as the Vice President of Properties for the Twin Valley Council and the chair of the Friends of Cedar Point.  After 2 major storms knocking down many trees, Kevin loaded up heavy equipment and helped clear trees so that camp could once again be operational. 

Committee Chair of the Year Heidi Nelson:  Heidi serves as Committee Chair for Troop 24 and is currently the Council’s Advancement Chair.  She has also served as the Council’s Cub Camping Chair and a District Commissioner.  Currently Heidi is serving as Spring Camporee Chair for the 2023 and led the planning for 2022 as well.



Cubmaster of the Year Dan Ploog:  Dan serves as Cubmaster for Pack 98 in North Mankato.  He also helps with council events such as Scout Night at the Moon Dogs,  Norseland Nightmare, Fishing event, and more.  Dan is a Wood Badge trained leader.




Popcorn Kernel of the Year Kara Lehman:  Kara serves as Popcorn Kernel for Pack 58 in St. Peter, increasing the sale from $8,000 to $17,000!  In 2023 she joined the Council Popcorn Committee.




Rookie of the Year Kevin Thomas:  Kevin is an assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 76.  Kevin is Wood Badge trained and was the chair for the 2023 Klondike Derby.  Along with other leaders from Troop 76, they provided over 75 hours of service to Camp Cuyuna after the summer storms.



Scoutmaster of the Year Paul Willaert:  Paul has served as Scoutmaster for Troop 24 for over 30 years.  Under his leadership, almost 50 youth have obtained the rank of Eagle Scout.  Paul has attended Camp Cuyuna every year since camp opened.  He has also served on the camp properties committees.


Volunteer of the Year Steve Lawrence:  In 2022, Steve joined the Executive Board for the Twin Valley Council and chaired the 2023-2027 Council Strategic Planning Committee.  He also serves on the ProGrowth Bank “On My Honor” Sporting Clay Classic Committee and the Values Event Committee.  In 2023, he accepted the position of Vice President of Marketing for the council.  Steve has a daughter who just crossed over into Troop 8.


Tickets for this event can be purchased at the link below.  They will be available until Sunday, April 16, 2023.

Questions please contact Ray Brauer at or 507-387-0295.

Click here to purchase tickets for the Annual Recognition Event

Good Friday Closure

The Center for Scouting will be closed Friday, April 7, 2023, in observance of Good Friday.

We will open with regular hours on Monday, April 10. 2023.

     Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 5pm
     Friday 1-5pm

Have a joyous Easter everyone!


Bunnies on Belgrade

Bunnies on Belgrade
Saturday, April 1, 2023
Belgrade Avenue, North Mankato
$10 per person

It’s time for the annual visit to the Bunnies on Belgrade Event!  This year things are a little different but fun nonetheless!

Purchase your $10 ticket for your chance to pick up six eggs.  One of the eggs could be the grand prize winner of $1,000!  Eggs will be dumped on Belgrade Avenue at 6pm.  There’s a mad scramble to grab your six eggs!  Check the number to determine if you’re a winner!

Also, during the event there will be an additional chance to win a $250 Belgrade Gift Basket!  Visit all six participating businesses on Belgrade between 4-6pm to get your card stamped.  Get all six stamps and return the card for entry into the drawing!

There will be specials at Belgrade Businesses and bunny ears for sale!  There may even be a photo op with the Easter Bunny itself!

Tickets are available at the Center for Scouting, 810 Madison Avenue in Mankato or at a business on Belgrade.

Questions please call Jennifer at 507-387-0294 or

Hop on down our way on Saturday, April 1st!


Spring Sale Coffee & Meat Sticks

Spring Sale 2023

4 Seasons Coffee and Old World Meat Sticks
Saturday, April 1st – Sunday, April 30. 2023

Twin Valley Council is excited to announce the partnership with 4 Season Coffee of Albert Lea and Old World Meat from Duluth as our spring 2023 fundraiser.

Both of these companies are Minnesota based and offer quality products.

4 Season Coffee

We will be selling 4 different coffees.  Each blend comes in a 10-ounce bag and sells for $20.  Units will receive 30% commission ($6.50) per bag sold.

Units should order by individual bags, not cases.  Please be conservative when ordering.  Reorders are available and have about a 10-day delivery window.  At the end of the sale, REASONABLE amounts of left over bags of coffee can be returned to council.

Flavors include:
     Scandinavian – this is whole beans, and the bag will be labeled with a Norseland Scout Camp logo
     Columbia – this is whole beans, and the bag will be labeled with a Cuyuna Scout Camp logo
     Highlander Grog – this special blend is ground coffee packaged in a bag with the Cedar Point Camp logo
     Jamaican Me Crazy – this blend is also ground coffee packaged in a bag with the Cuyuna Scout Camp logo

Old World Meats

During popcorn season 2022, two troops did a “test market” selling meat sticks along with popcorn.  These troops deemed it a success.  Meat sticks are sold as a caddy of 20 sticks for $30 or you can sell them individually for 2/$3.  Either way, units will make 30% commission on the sale ($9 per caddy).

Again, we ask that units order conservatively.  Once a caddy has been opened the unit owns that product.  Unit can however, return any unopened caddies at the end of the sale.  Reorders are available and have about a 10-day delivery window.

Flavors include:
     Honey BBQ


Units will have the opportunity to do both take order and wagon sales.  We will also set up store front sale sites.  Order forms will be designed and distributed to participating units.  There will not be an app available for this sale, all tracking will be done on paper.  

Initial orders must be placed by March 1, 2023, to guarantee delivery end of March.  

To reorder product, please use the same process and allow for ten-day delivery time.  We will work with other units assisting with balancing product overstocks, so re-order delivery could be quicker than the ten days.

Questions please contact Jennifer Echevarria at 507-387-0294 or

Click here to place additional orders

Updated March 8th Youth Protection Guideline

Information updated on March 8, 2023

The below information was posted a few weeks ago concerning the changes in Scouting’s “Barrier’s to Abuse” requiring all adults to be registered with the BSA for all overnight activities with one exception allowing parents to camp with their child in the Cub Scouting program (these parents however do NOT count for 2 deep leadership if not registered).

Below is a recording of a webinar that goes over the new policy and answers al lot of questions.  It is worth reviewing at your convenience.

Watch the recorded Zoom here



Information update February 21, 2023

Details on the Update to BSA’s Barriers to Abuse 

As part of our ongoing commitment to abuse prevention, the Boy Scouts of America is updating the adult supervision requirements for overnight activities. This update enhances the minimum “two deep leadership” requirements by additionally requiring every adult present on overnight activities to be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America. These adults must submit an adult application and registration fee, undergo a criminal background check, a volunteer screening database check and must complete mandatory Youth Protection training.  

A limited exception for parents and legal guardians of Cub Scout youth attending overnight with their children is planned due to the family centric nature of Cub Scouting. All Cub Scout Packs, Scouts BSA Troops, Venturing Crews, Sea Scouting Ships, Exploring Posts, council, and district overnight programs will be required to comply with this update by September 1, 2023. We encourage early adoption prior to the effective date. This updated Barrier to Abuse can be referenced as part of the Guide to Safe Scouting, Youth Protection and Adult Leadership section, Scouting’s Barriers to Abuse. Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse FAQs will be expanded to include additional FAQs as they are developed.    

Learn more about the BSA’s Commitment to Safety here. If you have additional questions that are not addressed as part of the Youth Protection FAQs, please submit them to  

February 17, 2022

The national Council just announced an update to the Youth Protection guidelines for “Adult Supervision” that will go into effect September 1, 2023.  In short, the “72-hour rule” is going away and any adult that is staying overnight in connection with a Scouting activity must be registered in a fee-paying position (Merit Badge Counselors will not count).  There is an exception in the Cub scout program for parents attending with their child.  There is not an exception for this in the Scouts BBSA program.  The text below is from the National BSA website.

Adult Supervision

Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, including meetings.  There must be a registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over in every unit serving females.  A registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over must be present for any activity involving female youth.  Notwithstanding the minimum leader requirements, age – and program – appropriate supervision must always be provided.

All adults accompanying a Scouting unit who are present for 72 total hours or more must be registered as leaders.  The 72 hours need not be consecutive.

Effective September 1, 2023, two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, including all meetings.  There must be a registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over in every unit serving females.  A registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over must be present for any activity involving female youth or female adult program participants.  Notwithstanding the minimum leader, age and program-appropriate supervision must always be provided.

All adults staying overnight in connection with a Scouting activity must be currently registered in an adult fee required position as listed or as an adult program participant.  A Merit Badge Counselor does not meet this requirement.

Cub Scout Programs – Overnight Exception:  Cub Scout parents or legal guardians taking part in an overnight Cub Scout program with their own child or legal ward are not required to register as leaders.  All adults must review the “How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse:  A Parent’s Guide” that can be found in the front of each Cub Scout Handbook.  In addition, the parent or legal guardian must be accompanied by a registered leader at anu time they are with youth members other than their own child/ward.  All other overnight adults must be currently registered in an adult fee required position.  

This information is for overnight camps council wide including but not limited to Spring and Fall Camporees, All OA conclaves, Cuyuna Summer Camp and all unit overnight camping activities.

This will also affect Cub Camps to a degree including but not limited to Cub Scout Resident Camp, NorthWoods Webelos Camp, Cuyuna Family Experience and Pack Family Campouts.  Cub Camping activities should have a copy of the “How to Protect your Children from Child Abuse:  A Parent’s Guide” at events as a reference if necessary and have parent review if they have not.

Although this does not go live until September 1, 2023, it will take some time to spread the word and get people prepared for the compliance by fall.

More information will be added to this post as it becomes available.

Additional information


Scouting for Food

Scouting for Food
Saturday, March 11, 2023; Post it note drop off
Saturday, March 18, 2023; Food pick up

Be part of the biggest community service project of the year!

For over 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America has been an active participant is helping communities.  In 1917-1918 Scouts collected nutshells and peach pits that were eventually used in the production of gas masks.  In the 1930’s Scouts collected clothing, household furnishing and food as aid to families during the depression.  And in the 1940’s it was aluminum as part of the war effort.  Whatever the need, Boy Scouts of America is there.

In March, Twin Valley Council Scouts will have the opportunity to once again help our communities by participating in Scouting for Food.

Scouting for Food is a National Good Turn of the Boy Scouts of America. Since 1988, over 200 million pounds of food has been gathered, making this the single largest food collection effort in the history of the United States. Local food banks and relief agencies within the communities distribute the food. Not only does Scouting for Food help feed the hungry of our communities, but it also teaches our Scouts that hunger is a problem. Millions of people go hungry every day. By participating in Scouting for Food, a Scout realizes there is a problem and he or she can help be a part of the solution. Scouting For Food provides a great service to our communities.

Twin Valley Council 2023 Scouting for Food Campaign will begin by distributing post-it notes to homes in your community. Distribution of notices will be March 11th.  Food pickup will be the following weekend on March 18th.  We ask that all units coordinate with their families to make this project a huge success.

Thank you in advance for helping with this incredible project.  Together we do make a difference.

Beginning at Neighborhood meetings, units can pick up their post-it notes for distribution on March 11, 2023.

Following food pick up on March 18, 2023, all units need to report the total pounds of food collected and number of people who helped, youth and adults.  For Mankato units, you do not need to report poundage, just participation.

Click here to report SFF pounds and participation.

OA Brotherhood Bash

OA Brotherhood Bash
Saturday, March 4 – Sunday, March 5, 2023
2pm Saturday – 9am Sunday
Oakland Lutheran Church, near Hayward, MN
$12 per person

The 10th Annual Brotherhood Bash is on!  Hosted by the Cedar Valley Chapter of the OA, join us on Saturday, March 4th for an action packed, fun filled weekend.

This event begins at 2pm with check-in and gathering activities.  Please eat before you arrive.  Dinner will be served at 5pm followed by a service project.  At 8pm we’ll break out the boar games and non-electronic games and movies.

The Cracker Barrel happens at 11pm followed by Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers!  When the clock strikes twelve it’s quiet time, but games and movies will still be happening.

Wake up Sunday morning at 7am with breakfast.  You’ll clean up, pack up and head for home by 9am.

Menu for the weekend is Pizza, chips and soda for dinner on Saturday.  Cracker Barrel will have crackers, meat, cheese, popcorn, chips, salsa and soda.  Sunday morning breakfast is cereal, PopTarts, fruit, juice and milk.

You are welcome to bring your own snacks and beverages.  A kitchen with stoves, microwave and refrigerator are available.

If anyone is willing to bring along their Nintendo Switch, Wii, TV, Projector, DVD player, and board games to add to ours, that would be great.  We do need some of you to help with this.

Cost for the event is $12 per person.  If you have a friend who is not part of OA but would like to participate, they are welcome.  The do however, need to be registered as a Scout.

If you choose to register at the door the cost is $14 CASH.

Registration is open until Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

Brotherhood-Bash-LEC_Meeting Flyer_3-2023-2

Questions, please contact Beth Clymer at

Click here to register for Brotherhood Bash

The Great Penguin Race “Search for the Yeti”

The Great Penguin Race 2023 “Search for the Yeti”


The Great Penguin Race 2023 “Search for the Yeti”
Saturday, February 25, 2023
Norseland Scout Camp
Noon – 5pm
$20 per Cub Scout   Adults attend free

A long time ago, on the top of Mount Norseland, lived an old wise Yeti who befriended the Penguin tribes of the area.  The Yeti liked to bury treasures around Mount Norseland.  As a symbol of friendship, Yeti gave each of the tribes a puzzle piece explaining that in order to find his buried treasure, the tribes must assemble the puzzle and solve the riddle.  Sadly, before the tribes could come together to assemble the puzzle, a great fire consumed the lands, and all was lost.  Recently, archeologists have discovered the puzzle piece that belonged to the Yeti.  Now it is up to you.  You are tasked with assembling as tribes to search for the remaining puzzle pieces, assemble it and solve the riddle.  This will lead you to the buried treasure.  The Great Penguin Race is on!

It’s the Great Penguin Race!  This is a great afternoon of outside winter fun and a Kodak moment for families!  Scouts will travel between stations experiencing sledding, snowshoeing, games, crafts and more all while they “Search for the Yeti” puzzle pieces.  Will they find them?  Can they solve the riddle?

Check in begins at noon. Please have a warm lunch before arriving.  All should bring their water bottle.

Everyone (including adults) should dress for the Minnesota winter as you will be outdoors most of the time.  Those not in proper winter attire will be observing and not participating.  Proper attire includes multiple layers of clothing (shirts and socks), winter coat, hat, mittens/gloves, scarf and snow boots.  Remember – the weather is cold, but you don’t have to be!  

Scouts are welcome to invite a friend as well.  Friends also cost $20 and must attend with their parent or guardian.

All people on Norseland property must complete a Health Form parts A/B.

Registration is open until Wednesday, February 15, 2023.  

Questions, please contact Becky Sandquist at 507-995-2946 or

Click here to register for the Great Penguin Race