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School Night Training

Neighborhood School Night Training
August 3 – 12, 2020
6:30 -7:30pm
Locations to be determined

Back to School will be here in no time, so it’s time to start planning what fall recruitment is going to look like.

Each neighborhood will be holding a School Night Training session.  

  • August 3 for Albert Lea Neighborhood
  • August 4 for Austin and Mankato Neighborhoods
  • August 6 for Fairmont and New Ulm
  • August 11 for Waseca Neighborhood
  • August 12 for St. Peter Neighborhood

All meeting begin at 6:30p.m. and locations will be announced as they are secured.

It is very important that all units have representation at this Neighborhood meeting.  With the uncertainty of plans for school in the fall, and the Covid-19 restrictions, the more people we have brainstorming plans the better our planning will be.

Somethings to start thinking about concerning school nights:

  • Location for your school night.
    • What if your school does not allow outside groups to meet after hours?
    • Will local churches be open?
    • Parks are weather dependent even if in a shelter.
  • Group size
    • Currently we are allowed groups of 25 outdoors and 10 indoors.
    • Do you stagger times by age groups?
  • Den
    • Do dens have a place to meet this fall?  
    • What happens if everything needs to be done on line?
  • Promotion
    • Peer to peer and social media will be key since many schools may not allow youth talks or flyers this year.

Leadership Training

One of the keys to a successful Scouting experience for young people, second only to the selection of the right person for each responsibility, is trained volunteer leadership. Leadership training provides adult leaders with fundamental information about the aims and methods of the movement, as well as specifics about their particular roles in Scouting.

For this reason, the Twin Valley Council is committed to provide top quality training opportunities for leaders, parents and Scouts at the district and council levels. Through these efforts, the delivery of a better and quality Scouting program can be provided to our entire youth membership.

Adults are welcome to attend any training opportunity regardless of location.  There are no district boundaries; all are welcome!  Please look through the upcoming dates and mark your calendar today!

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