Popcorn 2022

Who To Contact


Twin Valley Council Popcorn Chair
     Beth Clymer      bclymer69@yahoo.com     507-822-0457 

Twin Valley Council Popcorn Advisor
     Shelley Corry     shelley.corry@scouting.org     507-387-3123 or 507-387-0290

Twin Valley Council Scout Executive & Staff
     Ray Brauer                   ray.brauer@scouting.org     507-387-0295 or 507-514-3922
     Erik Karre                     erik.karre@scouting.org      308-440-2641
    Jennifer Echevarria     jennifer.echevarria@scouting.org     507-387-0294 or 210-440-1698
    Becky Sandquist         rebecca.sandquist@scouting.org     507-387-0293 

Trails End Support

Facebook Groups 
     Facebook link for Twin Valley Council group
     Facebook group for Trail’s End can be found at Trail’s End Popcorn Community  

Important Dates and Forms

August Dates
  • 20     Popcorn Kickoff at Norseland Scout Camp
  • 29     Popcorn order due for Show ‘n Sell
September Dates
  • 1- 22   Units hold Popcorn Kickoff
  • 6         Sign up for Show ‘n Sell sites in Mankato/North Mankato opens
  • 23       Popcorn distribution to units; area warehouse
  • 24       Sale begins
  • 26       Restock #1 order due
  • 26       Product return day at council; full cases any quantity
  • 30       Product distribution for restock #1 order; Center for Scouting
October Dates
  • Mondays in October 3, 7, 10, 17, and 24     Restock orders due
  • Mondays in October 3, 7, 10, 17 and 24     Product return days
  • 3     100% Popcorn Return ends.  After October 4, 2022, up to 15% of original order may be returned.  
  • Fridays in October7, 14, 21, and 28      Product distribution for restock orders #2-5; Center for Scouting
  • 18    Start thinking about the end of sale details
  • 30    Sale Ends!
  • 30    Unit’s Annual Program Calendar and Budget is due to DE
November Dates
  •  1    Leftover product to be returned to Center for Scouting.  Individual containers accepted.  The total amount of what can be returned is 15% of your original Show ‘n Sell order placed August 29, 2022.  This total dollar figure includes product already returned between October 4 – November 1.
  • 3     Final Popcorn order due
  • 5     Begin ordering rewards
  • 12   Invoices emailed to Popcorn Kernels
  • 18   Popcorn distribution to units.  Units need to bring one check for balance due.  Check should be dated December 9, 2022.  Distribution location to be determined.
  • 19   Begin watching leader portal for funds due to unit from Trails End
December Dates
  • 9     Popcorn checks cashed
  • 11   1910 Club Celebration


Important Forms

2022 Commission Climb
Case count and Case retail prices
Leader Guide
Military Receipts
Mission Popable
No Bowl
Return Policy



1910 Club Celebration 

1910 Club Celebration
Sunday, December 11, 2022
Wow!Zone in Mankato
Free event for Club Members

Make your popcorn goal to become part of the 1910 Club!  

It’s simple!  Have a total popcorn sale of $1,910 and you become a member.  To tabulate your sales, combine on line, site sales, draggin’ wagon and take order.  As long as the total is $1,910 you’re a member.

We’ll celebrate your success on Sunday, December 11th at the Wow!Zone in Mankato (2030 Adams Street).  From 4-6pm join us as we have pizza, bowl a game, make a hole in one and play in the arcade.

There is no cost to attend this celebration and each youth can bring one adult with them.

Registration is open until Sunday, December 4, 2022.  

Questions please contact Shelley at the Center for Scouting; 387-3123 or shelley.corry@scouting.org.