Spring Sale 2023 – Coffee and Meat Sticks!

Spring Sale 2023

4 Seasons Coffee and Old World Meat Sticks
Saturday, April 1st – Sunday, April 30. 2023

Twin Valley Council is excited to announce the partnership with 4 Season Coffee of Albert Lea and Old World Meat from Duluth as our spring 2023 fundraiser.

Both of these companies are Minnesota based and offer quality products.

4 Season Coffee

We will be selling 4 different coffees.  Each blend comes in a 10-ounce bag and sells for $20.  Units will receive 30% commission ($6.50) per bag sold.

Units should order by individual bags, not cases.  Please be conservative when ordering.  Reorders are available and have about a 10-day delivery window.  At the end of the sale, REASONABLE amounts of left over bags of coffee can be returned to council.  Twin Valley Council reserved the right to determine what is considered reasonable.


Scandinavian – this is whole beans, and the bag will be labeled with a Norseland Scout Camp logo.  Scandinavian is a medium- medium dark roast.   

Columbia – this is whole beans, and the bag will be labeled with a Cuyuna Scout Camp logo.  Columbia is medium dark – dark roast.                                                                                                                     

Highlander Grog – this special blend is ground coffee packaged in a bag with the Cedar Point Camp logo.  Highlander Grog is a light roast with a Butterscotch & Rum flavor.

Jamaican Me Crazy – this blend is also ground coffee packaged in a bag with the Cuyuna Scout Camp logo.  Jamaican Me Crazy is a light roast.


Old World Meats

During popcorn season 2022, two troops did a “test market” selling meat sticks along with popcorn.  These troops deemed it a success.  Meat sticks are sold as a caddy of 20 sticks for $30 or you can sell them individually for 2/$3.  Either way, units will make 30% commission on the sale ($9 per caddy).

Again, we ask that units order conservatively.  Once a caddy has been opened the unit owns that product.  Unit can however, return any unopened caddies at the end of the sale.  Reorders are available and have about a 10-day delivery window.

Flavors include:
     Honey BBQ


Units will have the opportunity to do both take order and wagon sales.  We will also set up store front sale sites.  Order forms will be designed and distributed to participating units.  There will not be an app available for this sale, all tracking will be done on paper.  

Units are welcome to take credit cards for sales at their discretion.  Units are responsible for obtaining their own square readers and setting up the accounts.  Square readers are available at the Center for Scouting but there are only a few left.  Cost is $10.  You can also purchase them online.  Units are responsible for the service fees.

Initial orders must be placed by March 1, 2023, to guarantee delivery end of March.  

To reorder product, please use the same process and allow for ten-day delivery time.  We will work with other units assisting with balancing product overstocks, so re-order delivery could be quicker than the ten days.

Questions please contact Jennifer Echevarria at 507-387-0294 or jennifer.echevarria@scouting.org.

Copy of Spring Sale Order form for Scout to use