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Jamboree Meeting Scheduled

River Rafting Information

Jamboree Meeting
Sunday June 7, 2020
3-5 p.m.
Norseland Scout Camp

River Rafting Information
Jamboree 2021

There are two different items we need assistance with; Jamboree meeting on June 7th and River Rafting at the National Jamboree.

Jamboree Meeting

Everyone should mark their calendars for the first official Jamboree meeting.  There will be much information covered at this meeting so please do everything you can to attend.  The meeting will be held at Norseland Scout Camp on June 7, 2020 between 3-5 p.m. (pending Covid-19)

Parents are welcome/encouraged to attend.

If you cannot be there you are expected to contact Jamboree Scoutmaster Shawn Pomeroy to obtain the information you missed.  

For planning purposes, everyone must RSVP below.



River Rafting

Each week more information rolls out about the adventure that awaits at Summit Bechtel.  Right now, it’s River Rafting.  Are you interested?  Jamboree has teamed up with outfitters that will guide Jamboree participants down a 5-7 mile trek of the river.  You’ll experience beautiful scenery and exhilarating rapids.  More details are to come on this adventure and will be posted on the Jamboree page of the twinvalleybsa.org website.  Cost for this trek will be approximately $70 per person.

At this point we need to know if you are interested in the River Rafting.  You are only indicating an interest in this activity, this is not a firm commitment and no payment is needed.


Below is the blue “Click to RSVP box”.  Please click it to RSVP to the June 7th meeting and to indicate your interest in River Rafting.

Official Jamboree Registration

The time has come to make your participation at Jamboree 2021 official!  

Youth with the desire to attend Jamboree 2021 have completed Twin Valley Council’s Jamboree registration through the Council website.  This registration stays within Twin Valley Council and is used by our Jamboree leadership and Jamboree Council Coordinator.  What is does not do is connect participants with the National Jamboree.  The next step in the Jamboree experience is to complete the National Jamboree participation application.  Completing this application officially links you to the team at National BSA handling Jamboree. 


Registration & Scholarship Process

Registering for National Jamboree is simple but it is a multiple step process.  Please be patient as each step is a process that goes through many hands.

  • Step 1: my.scouting accounts
    • Each youth and adult participant must have a my.scouting account
    • Please do not use the same account as any other person; youth or adult.  This account must be unique to the Jamboree participant.
    • If you currently have a my.scouting account, log in to your account
      • Verify all information is correct; this step is very important
        • To verify your information, click on the drop down next to your name in the upper right hand corner; click on my profile.
        • You will need your member ID number to register for the Jamboree.  You’ll find it on your profile page
        • If you cannot get into your my.scouting account DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.  There are many reasons why this could be happening.  Please contact Janelle at the Center for Scouting 507-387-3123 or 507-387-0291.
    • If you do not have your own my.scouting account, please create one
      • Go to my.scouting you must use google chrome or firefox for the site to work  
      • Complete the information requested and submit
        • This account will take 24 to 48 hours to sync.  Do not move on to the jamboree application until your account is active.
        • To verify your account is active; try to login.  Any type of an error message indicates your account is not active and you should contact Janelle at the Center for Scouting 507-387-3123 or 507-387-0291
        • Once your account is active verify all information is correct; this step is very important.
        • To verify your information click on the drop down next to your name in the upper right hand corner; click on my profile.
        • You will need your member ID number to register for the Jamboree; it’s found on your profile page
  • Step 2:  jamboree.scouting.org
    • Please use google chrome or firefox 
    • Please have ready your BSA member ID number
    • Go to the jamboree website jamboree.scouting.org 
    • Scroll down the page and click on the red “Apply Now” box found in the Jamboree participant square
    • Complete the detailed information
    • New for 2021 – the scholarship request is part of the application process
      • If you wish to request financial assistance, please indicate so during the application process
      • You will be given access to the scholarship application; deadline for scholarship applications is April 30, 2020
      • The maximum you may request for scholarship is $588; half of the Jamboree fee
      • You will be notified in July/August if your scholarship has been approved
      • Please note – there is a limited amount of money available for scholarship so don’t delay in submitting your application
    • Hit submit when done 
  • Step 3:  What happens next
    • From this point your application is sent to the Twin Valley Council for review and approval
    • Twin Valley will send it on to National for approval
    • Once National approves your application you will receive a welcome email.  Be sure to watch your SPAM folder
    • Again, this is not a speedy process; be patient
    • Shelley at the Center for Scouting is Jamboree Coordinator for the office and is available to assist.  507-387-3123

2021 National Jamboree..."Face The Challenge"

National Jamboree 2021
Summit Bechtel Reserve, West Virginia
July 2021 

In July 2021,  Scouts will be asked to rise to the occasion and “Face the Challenge” by joining in Scouting’s next grand adventure, the 2021 National Jamboree. 

This is a gathering time for nearly 40,000 Scouts and Scouters showcasing everything that is great about Boy Scouts of America. Held every four years at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in southern West Virginia, the National Jamboree provides an amazing opportunity for participants and visitors alike to experience the best Scouting has to offer.  Adventures include one of the longest zip line courses in North America, a world class skate park, ATV offerings, treetop canopy tours, rock climbing, shooting sports, all types of aquatics including white water rafting, stadium shows, and much, much more.  The National Jamboree began in 1937 when 27,000 Scouts camped on the National Mall under the Washington Memorial.  2021 will be the 19th National Jamboree.


For each National Jamboree, Twin Valley Council puts together a contingent to represent Scouting from Southern Minnesota. Our contingents have consisted of one to two units of Scouts from throughout the units that our council serves.  Each contingent has consisted of 36 youth and 4 adult leaders with the exception of the 2017 half contingent which consists of 18 youth and 2 adult leaders. 

The 2021 Twin Valley Council Contingent is scheduled to consist of one male troop, and depending on interest and final Jamboree Contingent rules, one female troop.

The Twin Valley Council 2021 Jamboree adventure will consist of a 20-21 day trip which will include many intensive days of touring and 10 days at the National Jamboree.  This will take place the last half of July 2021.  Specific dates and details have not been announced by the Jamboree yet.

Besides actual Jamboree costs, there will be other costs related to this event.  Twin Valley Council works very hard to keep the cost down to a minimum while still providing a once in a lifetime experience for all attendees.  Some additional costs included in the council fee are:

  • Bus transportation to and from the Summit in West Virginia
  • Lodging fees during the tour portion of our adventure
  • Meals during the tour portion of the adventure
  • Jamboree training, meetings and other events
  • Jamboree gear including troop/crew specific gear (flags, unit and contingent patches (including extra sets for trading), a jamboree hat, unit t-shirts, daypack, duffel bag and various other items)
  • Admission to all tour locations


The National Jamboree is open to all who are in good standing with the council and local troop/crew on a first-come first-serve basis.  Qualifications to attend the National Jamboree include:

  • Registered member of a Scout Troop and has completed 6th grade or will be at least 12 years old, but has not yet reached their 18th birthday, by the end of the Jamboree and is at least a First Class Scout –OR-
  • Registered member of a Venture Crew
  • lives and abide by the Scout Oath and Law
  • Abide by the Council’s Jamboree Code of Conduct

Each youth participant will be placed into an appropriate troop/contingent and will be put within a patrol within that troop/contingent.  Each Contingent member will be expected to participate in and have the following:

  • Troop meetings prior to the Jamboree
  • Attend all contingent meetings
  • Attend an overnight pre-jamboree training encampment
  • Have completed a detailed National Jamboree Medical form and physical by a licensed physician after July 2020 but prior to July 2021
  • Have fees paid in accordance with the fee schedule established by the Twin Valley Council
  • Have all fees paid in full no later than March 1, 2021


As of July 2019, pricing for the 2021 Twin Valley Council Contingent has not yet been confirmed. The estimated Jamboree cost including the Jamboree and the touring portion is $2,200 to $2,500 (this is only an estimate and is subject to change after National announces the 2021 costs, and tour details are developed). 

The contingent fees include: National Jamboree fee, fees noted above and other costs that may arise.  Out of pocket expenses may include, but not limited to, additional uniforms, patches for trading at the National Jamboree and spending money.

Youth registration will open August 1, 2019 and will require a $100 deposit.  This deposit is refundable until March 1, 2020.

For more information please contact Shawn Pomeroy at pomeroy.shawn@gmail.com

Learning Statement Jamboree 2021


“Character is created when you achieve more than you thought possible.”

This is the learning statement for Jamboree 2021.  The Jamboree staff are working hard to make this statement stand out at every turn. They have “Accepted the Challenge” and are creating new and revamping previous events to make this happen.


Leadership Heights

New for 2021 is the half day program, Leadership Heights. 

Scouts will assess their leadership strengths and weaknesses, challenge themselves through experiential learning activities, and develop a specific plan to grow as a leader.

National Jamboree is the largest stage for Scouts BSA.  As one of the aims of Scouting, Leadership Development, should take a central role.  Leadership Heights will be designed to highlight the leadership potential and abilities of Scouts through a unique and inspiring interactive experience.

As a 5-step transformational journey, Leadership Heights will consist of an assessment, teamwork exercise, a series of leadership challenges, an inspirational show, and post Jamboree empowerment messaging.