Campsite Maintenance: Day-to-day cleaning and maintenance of campsites is a troop responsibility. The site should be policed regularly for litter. Latrine and wash-stand should be cleaned after each meal. Repair needs should be reported to the ranger or a commissioner.

Campsite Changes “Improvements”: The campsites exist as they are for a specific reason – to provide separate areas for each patrol so the patrol method may work properly. If you would like to make changes to a site, visit with the ranger. Otherwise, no alterations of any kind should be made.

Recycling and Garbage Disposal: In an effort to be good environmental stewards, Camp Cuyuna practices recycling whenever possible. Recyclables will be separated and handled in the following manner and will not be accepted in regular trash containers:
• Items to be burned: All paper products in your campsite. Do not burn plastics!
• Garbage: Garbage should be taken to the commissary trash can prior to 7:30 p.m. each evening. If you are keeping trash in your campsite overnight or are not able to take to the commissary prior to 7:30 p.m. please insure it is secured in your troop trailer overnight so animals can not get to it.
• We are charged for all garbage, so thank you for your consideration and cooperation in this matter. This is one way for us to keep camp fees as low as possible.

Saturday Morning:  When checking out on Saturday morning, please return all leftover staple items, open bottles, etc., to the commissary. The staff will take care of recycling these items properly. Commissary bottles (soap, sanitizer, syrup) that are missing, have been damaged, or are not cleaned will result in a fee at check-out.

Dishwater: Dishwater should not be dumped in the toilets of the latrine as soap and Clorox in rinse water will cause latrine to smell worse. Any food particles should be placed in a garbage bag and be placed in your trash container.

Fires: Never leave a fire unattended; always put it cold out with water before leaving the area. (See Fireguard Plan under Camp Policies.)

Cutting of Trees: No standing trees, alive or dead, are to be cut down, pushed over, or affected in any other way. Anything lying on the ground is open for your use. No bark is to be stripped from any tree, especially birch. Stripped bark, or similar damage, will result in a fine, starting at five dollars per inch up to the market value of the tree.

Lodge Poles: Each site has lodge poles for pioneering projects and similar use. These are not to be cut, hacked, burned, or affected in any other way unless authorized by a commissioner. Failure to comply with this policy will result in the troop replacing damaged poles, which involves cutting designated trees, de-limbing, and peeling them. Do not remove poles from other sites without permission. If you need additional poles, please contact your commissioner.

Quartermaster: If your troop has equipment needs, please talk to the ranger or camp director. We have tarps, tents, axes, saws, and other basic camping equipment available. There is no charge for checking out these items, however, there may be a charge if equipment is returned damaged. Items not returned must be replaced by the troop.

Lost and Found: Each troop is responsible for handling its own property. The lost and found is maintained at the administration building.

Showers and Laundry Facilities: Showers are located south of the Trading Post on the main camp road and next to the administration building behind the parking lot. There are separate facilities for youth and adults, as well as male and female leaders. A washing machine and dryer are also located in the shower house near the parking lot. We ask that only adults use these to help ensure proper use and care of the machines.

Trading Post: Souvenirs, handicraft materials, camping gear, cold drinks, clothing, snacks, may be purchased in the Trading Post. Approximately $100 per Scout should be sufficient to cover most purchases. (We also take credit and debit cards.) Materials needed for merit badges will be collected at registration and materials will be waiting at the appropriate merit badge area.