Wilderness First Aid Training

Wilderness First Aid Training
Norseland Scout Camp
Saturday, October 15 – Sunday, October 16, 2022
10:30am Saturday – 5pm Sunday
$130 per person; must be 14 years of age or older
Class is limited to 16 participants

This Wilderness First Aid course teaches participants the assessment of, and treatment given to an ill or injured person in the backcountry.  In this type of setting access to a hospital or clinic, as well as emergency transport may be delayed for hours or even days.

For Scouting, being prepared often means being ready to render first aid.  As units go farther into the backcountry, some additional training is needed.  Wilderness First Aid is the next step up from basic first aid and is required for all backcountry outings.

This is also a great training for all Scouts (age 14 and up), Scout Leaders, outdoor enthusiasts and those who work in outdoor settings including camp staff members.

American Red Cross Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid Training

Each participant must have current American Red Cross Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid training and must submit a copy of their American Red Cross certificate.  This certificate must show certificate ID number and date completed.

A certificate copy should be submitted prior to class by emailing them to Course Instructor Chris Sandquist at csandquist.law@gmail.com.

For those without Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Training, we are offering this course Saturday morning, October 15th, prior to the Wilderness First Aid course.  This class will begin at 8am and is an additional $60 fee.  This is a blended class; meaning you will complete part online and part in person. 

You will be asked to register for this class during the Wilderness First Aid registration.

Wilderness First Aid Training

All participants are welcome to arrive Friday evening and tent camp at no additional cost.  All meals and supplies are the responsibility of the participant for Friday night and Saturday breakfast.

Beginning at 8am Saturday morning in the Igloo Lodge, the CPR/AED/First Aid training will begin.  Please ready to start at 8am so the class can be completed by 10am.  

For those not participating in the CPR/AED/First Aid training, you should be ready to begin the Wilderness First Aid at 10:30am Saturday morning.

Wilderness First Aid Training runs from 10:30am Saturday and will conclude at 5pm Sunday.  You must complete all 18 hours of this training on order to be certified.

Again, participants are welcome to camp Saturday night at no additional charge.  You are responsible for your own evening snacks, beverages (no alcohol) and supplies.

Sunday morning everyone should be ready to go by 9am.  

On Saturday lunch and dinner are provided.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided Sunday.

This course is limited to 16 participants.  All participants must have a Health Form parts A/B.  Health Form AB fillable updated 4-5-22

Registration is open until Saturday, October 7, 2022

Questions contact Chris Sandquist at 507-327-5149 or csandquist.law@gmail.com