Scout Leader Forum

Scout Leader  Forum
Saturday, October 15, 2022
Messiah Lutheran Church, North Mankato
No Cost

Plans are underway for our next great Leader Forum!

If you have a topic you would like discussed please contact Council staff and share!  We’ll do our best to get it on the list!

  • Canoe Trips to Remember a Lifetime
    • Troop 89 and Troop 24 have taken a canoe trip down the Minnesota River from Redwood Falls to Mankato. They will share with you the highlights of the trip, what to expect, how to prepare, and other helpful tips to help your troop plan a similar trip in the future.
  • Cold Weather Camping Program Basics for Troops
    • Outdoor camping in Minnesota from October to April entails outdoor temperatures which can be at or below freezing. These temperatures are daunting for many scouts and leaders both for activities during the day as well as overnights. Learn the basics of cold weather camping, from gear choices to simple campout plans to integrate winter camping in the normal fabric of your troop’s program and weekend camps. 
  • Life to Eagle Seminar – You’re Almost There!
    • You’re so close! Now what? This class will help prepare Life Scouts to become Eagle Scouts. It will cover specific rank requirements, the Eagle workbook, project approval process and the Eagle Board of Review. This is a great class for Star and Life Scouts and their parents. It’s a great class for Scoutmaster and Troop Advancement Chairs. It’s a great class for those new to the Life to Eagle process or those needing a refresher. It’s just a great class!
  • Developing a Meaningful Troop High Adventure Program
    • Meaningful high adventure programs benefit troops via retention and leadership development of older scouts. A ground level breakdown of how to develop an impactful high adventure program for your troop. For troops who have an interest in retaining older scouts and developing a program which motivates scouts to develop their scout and leadership skills.
  • It’s A Race To The Finish Line!  Successful Pinewood Derby Races
    • The “why” of Pinewood Derby needs little explanation. You do it because it’s the perfect combination of cars, competition and character-building fun. But as for the “how”, we’ve got you covered. This class will talk about different ways to execute the “how” in your Pinewood Derby.
  • Field Trips, Campouts, Adventures and more!  Outings That Will Leave Your Cubs Wanting More!
    • Outings and visits are an important part of a quality Cub Scout program. The leadership team in your pack is encouraged to offer at least one outing 3-4 times per year. But what do you need to know in order to plan this outing? Where do you go? How do you pay for it? May questions arise when you begin talking about outings – let us talk you through the steps. Remember “outing” is part of scouting!
  • Happy Birthday Scouting – Planning Your Blue & Gold
    • Blue and Gold Banquets are a tradition in Cub Scout packs. They are a celebration of the birthday of Scouting. It is designed to be a time of celebration and fun. The key to any good party is in planning the details. Just about anything goes with Blue and Gold Banquets so let’s start thinking outside the box! Let’s get creative with a theme, activities, program etc.! Let’s work together to create some awesome Blue and Gold events for our Cubs!
  • Website Navigation & Scoutbook Ease
    • This is a two for one class! Part of the session will be learning how to navigate the Twin Valley Council website. Have specific questions? Have suggestions? Now is the time for discussion!
      The other part of the session will be Basic Scoutbook. You’ll learn how to set up Scoutbook for your unit, how to track a Scouts progress and generate reports. We will also be able to answer questions and give you tips and secrets
  • Re-Chartering 2022
    • Recharter season is just around the corner. Earlier this year as a matter of fact. This is a great class for those working on the recharter for the first time but its also the perfect refresher course.
  • The Million Dollar Question – How To Get Parent Participation
    • It’s the million dollar question. How do you get parents more involved. If only we knew the perfect answer. Some units are very successful with this, others struggle. Every unit needs a strong team. During this class we’ll discuss how to begin the process of building this team and expanding it to include all parents in your unit.

Registration closes Sunday, October 9, 2022.

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Registration closes Sunday, October 9, 2022.