Scouting Palooza! Fall Camp-o-ree 2022

Scouting Palooza Fall Camp-o-ree
Friday, September 16 – Sunday, September 18, 2022
5:30 pm Friday – 9 am Sunday
Norseland Scout Camp & South Central College
$18 per Scout    $13 per Adult
Webelos (grade 4), Arrow of Light Scouts (grade 5) and all Scouts BSA are invited

It’s time to kick off a new season of Scouting with a Scouting Palooza event!

Friday Night
The fun begins Friday night.  Please eat before you arrive at Camp Norseland any time after 5:30pm.  You will have time to set up your campsite before the movie and cracker barrel begin at 8pm.  Activity uniform is dress code for Friday night.

Saturday morning enjoy breakfast, provided by the unit, at your campsite.  Around 7:30am all Scouts (Webelos, AOL’s and Scouts BSA), will travel to South Central College located in upper North Mankato (1920 Lee Blvd).  Units are responsible for transporting Scouts to the school.  If you need assistance, please contact Lisa Vasquez with your information so carpooling can be set up.

Check in begins at 8am at South Central College with merit badge classes running from 9am-Noon and 1-4pm.  Some merit badge classes will be a full day, while others are half days. 

For Webelos and AOL’s, your adventures also run from 9am-Noon and 1-4 pm at South Central.  You will be choosing one adventure in the morning and one for the afternoon.   

During merit badge classes and Webelos/AOL adventures we are asking adults to act as two deep leadership in each room.

Lunch will be provided at South Central for all.  Lunch will be divided into two shifts: Noon-12:30pm and 12:30-1pm.  While one shift is eating, the other will be receiving a tour of the campus.

At 4pm everyone will travel back to Norseland for some free time.  A camp wide meal will be served in the meadow area at 6pm followed by chapel at 7:15pm.  A camp wide fire begins at 7:45 followed by friendship fires.  Each unit is asked to provide a treat during friendship fire time. 

Each person is asked to bring their own mess kit for dinner on Saturday night.  Also on Saturday night, each unit is asked to have a skit and/or song prepared for the camp wide fire.

Dress code Saturday, until after camp wide fire, is Field Uniform.

Merit Badge Options
Merit Badges will be offered either as a full day or half days.  Each merit badge class, unless otherwise stated, is open to 15 Scouts.  A waitlist for each class will be available.  If a Scout is placed on the waitlist, they should also register for a class during that time slot.  If a spot opens in the waitlisted class, an adjustment to their schedule can be made.

Please note:  Merit Badges will not be 100% completed during camporee.
Each merit badge class, unless otherwise stated, is open to 15 Scouts. 

Full day options include
     Citizenship in Society; limited to10 Scouts
     Personal Management
     Personal Fitness

Morning classes half day   9am-Noon
     Welding; additional $25, Limited to 10 Scouts
     Public Speaking
     Healthcare Professionals
     Farm Mechanics
     Graphic Arts
     Chemistry; additional $5 
     Digital Technology

Afternoon classes half day    1-4pm
   Architecture/Landscape Architecture
   Art; additional $5
   Automotive Maintenance; additional $5, Limited to 10 Scouts
   Plant Science
   Public Health

Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts
While the older Scouts are working on merit badges, Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts will be working on different adventures.

In the morning Webelos/AOL’s can choose between “Build a Better World” or “Game Design”.  The afternoon gives the choices of “Engineer” or “Aware and Care”.  Please select your adventure during the registration process.

Webelos/AOL’s will also be asked during registration, if they will be camping with a troop or as part of the Webelos/AOL’s “troop”.  Either option is fine.

What to Bring
Each participant is responsible for
     Tenting gear (Webelos/AOL’s please contact Lisa if you are in need of tent)
     Cot and sleeping bag
     Change of clothes
     Personal hygiene items
     Closed to shoes
     Rain gear (if applicable)
     Field Uniform
     Activity Uniform
     Mess Kit
     Water Bottle
     Bug Spray 
     Completed merit badge pre-requisites if required by counselor
     Prepared Skit or Song (as a group)
     Health Form parts AB  Health Form AB fillable updated 4-5-22

Sunday Morning
Everyone is welcome to head home once their site is cleaned.  Final checkout time is 9am.

Final Notes
Cost for this event is $18 per Scout (plus additional merit badge fees when applicable) and $13 for adults.
Meals provided Friday night cracker barrel, Saturday lunch and dinner.
All participants need a Health Form parts A/B

The first 150 people (adults and youth) to register for this event will receive a free gift!
Registration date stamped through Black Pug determines recipients 

Registration is open until Sunday, September 5, 2022.  After this date you may still attend but must register through Lisa. 

Questions please contact Lisa Vasquez at 262-893-3474 or   

Many thanks to South Central for assisting with this event.  Your hospitality is greatly appreciated.

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