Cub Scout Shooting Sports Event

Cub Scout Shooting Sports Events
Saturday, May 21, 2022 at Cedar Point Scout Camp
9am – Noon
$15 per Scout; Adults attend at no cost

Ask any Cub Scout “What’s the favorite thing you do in Scouting?”  Chances are you’ll get shoot BB Guns and do Archery!  

Join us on Saturday morning, May 21st at Cedar Point Scout Camp near Fairmont.  We’ll have the all the ranges set up and your youth can spend the morning shooting BB Guns, firing arrows on the Archery range or hitting the target on the Sling Shot range.

BRING A FRIEND!  Each friend must be accompanied by their parent/guardian.

Every youth will be learning safety techniques on all ranges, will learn how to properly handle BB Guns, Archery equipment and Sling Shots, and will learn some history about each of the 3 shooting sports.  Those Cub Scouts who complete the course will earn their shooting sports award patch and pins.

Please note:  youth in Kindergarten will have a chance to practice their shooting while using Nerf Guns instead of actual BB Guns.  Kindergarteners will participate on archery and sling shot ranges with regular bows, arrows and sling shots.

Each youth, Cub Scout or non-Scout, must have a signed Shooting Sports permission form at the event in order to participate.  Cub-Scout-Shooting-Sports-Permission-Slip  

Every person on camp property, youth and adult/Scout or non-scout, must have a completed health form parts A&B.  

Cost for this event is $15 per youth.  Adults attend at no cost.  Registration is open until Wednesday, May 4, 2022.

Questions please contact Liz Paul at 507-387-0293 or

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