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Popcorn Kickoff
Saturday, August 22, 2020
Various Times via Zoom

It’s time to begin thinking about Popcorn 2020!

The Popcorn Committee has put together an informative Virtual Popcorn Kickoff to be Saturday, August 22, 2020, from the comfort of your home via Zoom.  At this event we’ll talk about what is new for 2020 – and there’s lots!  We’ll also refresh everyone’s memory and get the kids excited for Popcorn 2020.

There are sessions for Youth and for New Kernels and Adults wanting a refresher course.  For those “Seasoned” Popcorn Kernels and Adults, we have condensed your training down to less than an hour!

Who is Invited

Youth – Every youth who will be selling popcorn is asked to attend; Lions – Eagles.  We will be working with their script, good and bad site displays, wagon sale etiquette, on line sales, app know-how and prizes. The youth will “rotate” through sessions and participate in interactive learning.

New Popcorn Kernels – Popcorn Kernels that are new this year or those who feel like they need a refresher from last year are asked to attend.  You will work with Dawn and Shelley learning the ins and outs off Popcorn 2020.  They will walk you through terminology, app procedures, reports, and important dates.

“Seasoned” Popcorn Kernels – Those that have experienced at least one popcorn sale are considered “seasoned”.  We have condensed your training to just 50 minutes.  During this time we’ll give you the “What’s New” of Popcorn 2020.  We’ll talk about important dates, remind you of reports you can find on the app and answer any questions you may have.

Adults – All adults are welcome to attend training as well.  If you want to learn more about how the popcorn sale works and have a full training, please join the New Popcorn Kernel class.  For those adults who have been through several sales and just want a refresher course and to learn what’s new, the “Seasoned” Popcorn Kernel class is for you.

Commission Climb

Just a reminder that attending Popcorn Kickoff is part of your commission climb.

+2% commission will be added to your base of 20% when Popcorn Kernel (or designee) and at least 1 youth from your unit attends the popcorn kickoff via Zoom
Earn an additional 3% commission for having 10% of your youth (BSA registered on 7-31-2020) attending the kickoff on August 22, 2020, with a minimum of 2 youth plus the Popcorn Kernel (or designee). (Decimals will be rounded up at 0.5).

Please note:  If you are registering adults and youth in the same household, we will be using break out rooms in Zoom sending youth and adults two different directions.  Youth and adults will not be able to share the same computer to do training.  Phones, ipads etc. will also work to view the training.  If you have only one device/computer in your home, please sign up for different time slots.

Time Slots

The day is Saturday, August 22, 2020 and the time slots are as follows

9a m – 10:40amYouth and New Kernels and adults 
9am – 9:50amSeasoned Popcorn Kernels and adults wanting refresher course
11am – 12:40pmYouth and New Kernels and adults
11am – 11:50amSeasoned Popcorn Kernels and adults wanting refresher course
2pm – 3:40pmYouth and New Kernels and adults
2pm – 2:50pmSeasoned Popcorn Kernels and adults wanting refresher course
4pm – 5:40pmYouth and New Kernels and adults
4pm – 4:50pmSeasoned Popcorn Kernels and adults wanting refresher course

Zoom Details

Please plan to log in 5-10 minutes prior to the start of your session in case of technical problems.

The following is the Zoom link for the Youth portion of the training
Zoom link for Youth sessions
Phone Call (Audio Only): (301) 715-8592
Meeting ID: 842 7550 9854

The following is the Zoom link to be used for the training session for New and Seasoned Popcorn Kernels and adults 

Zoom link for New and Seasoned Popcorn Kernels and Adults
Phone Call (Audio Only): (301) 715-8592
Meeting ID: 819 6477 8353
Passcode: 283

Be sure to check out the Popcorn Page of the website!