Cub Scout Shooting Sports Event

Cub Scout Shooting Sports Event
Saturday, July 18, 2020
Norseland Scout Camp
8am – Noon OR 1-5pm
$15 per Scout; Adults attend at no cost

Join us at Norseland Scout Camp for our Cub Scouts Shooting Sports event.  To Cub Scouts, BB Guns, Archery and Sling Shots are the “best things ever”! 

At this event, Cub Scouts learn proper shooting techniques; including eye dominance, shooting shoulder, breathing, sight alignment, trigger squeeze and follow through.  They will learn the importance of safety gear such as glasses, arm guards, and finger tables.  And they will have an amazing time working on their skills while target shooting.

All Cub Scouts need to have a signed Shooting Sports Parent Permission form at camp. Also, everyone needs to complete parts A&B of the health form and sign a Release of Liability to be on Norseland property.  Face masks are required for all youth and adults.

Lion Cubs (those in kindergarten) will practice their shooting skills at the BB Gun station using Nerf Guns.  Lion Cubs will shoot real arrows at the archery station, and participate in the sling shot station.

Registration is open until July 15, 2020.

Questions can be sent to Liz Paul at 507-387-3123 or

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