Aviation Merit Badge Event

Aviation Merit Badge Event
4 Different Dates – August 11, 12, 13, & 15
4 Different Locations – Fairmont, New Ulm, Mankato & Austin
10am – 2pm
$40 per Scout 

Two new session just added!  Same details apply for the two new locations.

  • Wednesday, August 12 from 3-7pm at New Ulm airport
  • Thursday, August 13th from 3-7pm at Mankato airport

Flying!  For most of history, people have dreamed of flying, imagining how it would feel to soar through the sky like and eagle or hover in midair like a hummingbird to float on unseen currents, free of Earth’s constant tug, able to travel great distances and to rise above any obstacle.

Be part of the aviation merit badge being offered.  This all day event is hosted by four different airports.

Tuesday, August 11 at Fairmont Airport
Wednesday, August 12 at New Ulm Airport
Thursday, August 13 at Mankato Airport
Saturday, August 15 at Austin Airport

All sessions run from 10am – 2pm (new sessions are 3-7pm) and Scouts are welcome to attend the location that works best for them.  There must be 4 participants in order to run the session.  Maximum participants is 12 Scouts per session.  If there is bad weather on any given day, we will reschedule for the following week.

This event will include a 30 minute orientation flight.  Scouts will be required to wear a face mask during the flight.  All Scouts must have a signed Aviation Parent Consent Form.

Other requirement activities will mostly be held outdoors where Scouts will adhere to social distancing. 

Cost to attend this all day merit badge is $40 per Scout.  We are offering 4 different locations and 4 different dates (plus the two new locations); so choose what is best for you!

Each class must has a minimum of 4 participants with a maximum of 12.

Registration is be open until a day prior to each sessions date.

What to Bring

  • Blue card signed and filled in with all aviation badge requirement numbers/letters filled in. Those not worked on will be crossed off blue card.
  • Signed Aviation Parent Consent Form     
  • Sack lunch
  • Water Bottles; minimum of 2
  • Sun Screen
  • Hat
  • Appropriate clothing for the day (Scout uniform or Troop T-shirt)
  • Lawn Chair or Camp Stool
  • Notebook and Pen/Pencil
  • Face Mask
  • Merit Badge Pamphlet in hard copy or electronically
  • Do Not bring merit badge worksheets
  • Important Forms

For questions please contact Dillon Washburn at Dillon@av8flight.com

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