Merit Badge Midway

It’s the place to be to earn merit badges!

Merit Badge Midway
Saturday, December 14, 2019
8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sleepy Eye Public School
$15 per youth   $8 per adult (if you want a fabulous lunch)

It’s time to start preparing for Merit Badge Midway.  This event is a great time for adults and Scouts.  We have added new classes and chose classes typically not available at camp.

Cost to attend this great event is $15 per youth and $8 per adult if you want a fabulous lunch (otherwise adults are free).  Some merit badge classes will also require an additional fee.  Class size is limited so please register early.

All Scouts must have the following 

  • Blue card for merit badge
  • Maximum of two classes per Scout
  • Class A uniform is required
  • Water Bottle if desired
  • Walk-ins and late registrations will be accepted for only those merit badge classes that have not yet met the maximum number of participants. 

Some of the merit badge classes being offered include

  • Animal Science; 1 session p.m.; 20 Scouts
  • Communications; 2 sessions; 20 Scouts per session
  • Crime Prevention; 1 session a.m.; 15 Scouts
  • Disability Awareness; 1 session a.m.;  20 Scouts
  • Dog Care; 1 session a.m.; 15 Scouts
  • Fingerprinting; 1 session p.m.; 15 Scouts
  • Fire Safety; 2 sessions; 10 Scouts per session
  • Genealogy; 1 session a.m.; 15 Scouts; Pre-requisites required
  • Geocaching; 1 session p.m.; 10 Scouts
  • Horsemanship; 1 session all day; 20 Scouts; Additional $15 fee; requires heeled boots
  • Personal Management; 2 sessions; 8 Scouts per session
  • Pets; 1 session a.m.; 15 Scouts
  • Safety; 1 session a.m.; 10 Scouts
  • Sports; 1 session p.m.; 15 Scouts
  • Vet Medicine; 1 session p.m.; 10 Scouts
  • Welding; 1 all day session; 15 Scouts;  Additional $10 fee

Also available to anyone in the afternoon is “Stop The Bleed”.  This course is a nationally recognized class designed for those who wish to have further first aid knowledge.  You must register for this class as class size is limited to 8 people.  Stop the Bleed can be found in the listing of classes that is the used for youth.

8-8:30 am       Check-in
8:30-8:45 am  Opening flag ceremony and information
9:00 am          Merit Badge Classes Session 1
Noon-1 pm      Lunch
1-4 pm            Merit Badge Classes Session 2