New Phone System

Twin Valley Council Upgrades Phone System!  

We have a new phone system!  That’s the good news. 
We all need to adjust to different phone numbers and extensions – That’s the bad news!

Recently, the Center for Scouting updated all phones.  There are many updated features to the phones.  One such update is the ability to call the local 507-387-3123 number and be transferred to Ranger Tom at Cuyuna!  

The main phone number for the Center for Scouting will stay as 507-387-3123.

Please update your records as the direct extension line (507-387-3124) will no longer work.  New direct line numbers are:

  • Ray Brauer 507-387-0295
  • Erik Karre 507-387-0294
  • Rebecca Daul 507-387-0292
  • Elizabeth Paul 507-387-0293
  • Janelle Cedergren 507-387-0291
  • Shelley Corry 507-387-0290
  • Admin Building at Cuyuna 507-387-0298
  • Ranger Tom at Cuyuna 507-387-0299