Re-Chartering Log-in Information

Re-Chartering:  The unit key 3 (Unit Leader, Committee Chair, Charter Representative) will receive the attached letter from national in an email around October 1 with your unit’s log in information.  If you do not get this email and need your access code, please contact Janelle Cedergren at the Scout Office [Click for member’s page].  Some key items to keep in mind for this year.

  • All registered leaders must take the new YPT prior to being re-chartered (discussed above).
  • You can completely complete your re-charter on-line now including electronic signatures and on-line payment.  If you take advantage of this option, nothing has to be brought to the office and your re-charter will be processed immediately after the 1st of the year.
  • Please note that the registration fees for national is $33 and insurance fees from the Twin Valley Council is $3 for a total of $36 per person.  This is a $1.75 increase from last year.