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Sep 26-27, 2014
Sioux Trails Intro To Cub Camp and Cub-o-Ree

Cub-o-Ree/Intro To Cub Camp - "Calling All Cub Scouts - Let's Go Camping!"


The Sioux Trails Cub-o-Ree and Intro To Cub Camping will be held on September 26th and 27th at Sportsman Park in Sleepy Eye, MN. 

This is a great event to get your Cub Scouts out camping!  We do all the planning so you can enjoy all the fun!  This event begins at 6 pm on Friday night.  We'll set up tents, go fishing, play some games and have a campfire along with treats.  In the morning we'll feed you a light breakfast and have you headed home by 9 a.m.

The cost for this event is $5 for currently BSA registered Cub Scouts and every Scout must attend with their parent/guardian.  Adults attend free of charge.

If you are new to Cub Scouts (July 1 - present) you and your parent may attend free of charge as well!  What a great way to welcome new recruits to Cub Scouting!

Every person - youth or adult must complete a health form.

Click here for health forms - page 1 youth; page 2 adult  Health Form.pdf

For an information flyer please click here  Fall Sioux Trails Flyer.pdf

Please bring the following to the event:

Tent and sleeping gear

Wear your Scout uniform

Jacket and Rain Gear (if needed)

Your parent/guardian

Health forms

An Attitude ready for adventure!



When registering for this event please note that the website process is designed as if you are registering your entire unit.  Individual families are welcome to register.

When registering as a family, move through the registration process as if your unit has only you for a member.

When you see the below statement just click next and enter your Pack/Troop information.

"Contingent Registration

You will be registering a unit along with its participants. You will first be asked to enter the unit information and other event options. After that you may be asked to enter each participant along with their name, contact information and other event options, one at a time. As the unit and its participants are entered, they will be shown in the lower section of the screen.
Click NEXT to continue... "

Once you have your unit information entered, the site will ask for contact information for this unit (see statement below).  Please enter your name etc.  It doesn't mean you are signing up to be a leader!   It just tells us who is entering the information about your family.  It also gives us the ability to send out group emails with event information.

"Enter Contact Information for this Contingent (contingent is your unit)

This person will be a communications contact for this contingent. The council may communicate with this person about the event and the registration process. This person will also have the ability to manage this registration on the unit's Home Page."

After the Unit's information has been collected, the next step is the participant registration.  The rest of the process is very simple. 

If you need assistance with your event registration, please call Shelley at the Center for Scouting 507-387-3123.