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Feb 10-11, 2018
RS and WP Klondike Derby

River Stone and Western Prairie Klondike Derby



Norseland Scout Camp
February 10, 2018
$15 per person (on time fee)



At Klondike 2018 you will brave the elements and demonstrate your character as you "travel" to ten Northern Minnesota cities.  Each city has it's own emergency, task or is in peril.  Cities will test your mettle and show your skill.  Or perhaps you'll enter a city that will test you on something you have not encountered or experienced.  Will you meet the task or remain stranded in "The Frozen North".

Participants in "The Frozen North" will work as a patrol navigating their constructed sleds full of gear to each of ten northern Minnesota cities.  Participants are encouraged to study up and sharpen their Scout skills before attending Klondike 2018.  Adults are strictly prohibited from helping any youth (unless health & safety apply).  Participants will determine which cities are visited and in which order.  How long you stay in a city is decided by how you complete that cities task.

This event is designed to test Scouts on their abilities and team work.  Adults are allowed to accompany their sled but must not interfere or participate with the skills or contact.  Points will be awarded for completing the activities as required, good Scouting practices and penalties given for bad ones.

Required Items - Troop and Individual needs

This event is open to all Boy Scouts, Venturing Scouts, Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts.  Webelos and Arrow of Light must attend and register for the event with a Troop of their choice. 

Cost is $15 per person if registered by February 2, 2018.  Late fee of $20 per person applies after that date, online registration closes February 7th.  After February 7th you may still attend but must register with Shawn Pomeroy directly.  Lunch is provided on Saturday, February 10th.

Sleds should have the materials necessary to complete activities located in each city. 

Please read through "The Frozen North Cities" described below to determine what troop gear is needed.  Each troop is responsible for their sled(s).

Each individual Scout should have the following items

  • Appropriate clothes for weather to include:  gloves/mittens, hat, boots, parka and snow pants
  • Totin' Chip and Firem'n Chip
  • Filled water bottle
  • Extra snacks to maintain energy
  • Cup, bowl and spoon (mess kit) - no extra dishes will be available
  • Pocket Knife
  • Boy Scout Handbook and Field Book

"Be Prepared" to sit indoors all day if you aren't appropriately dressed for the weather.


 The Frozen North Cities

Duluth - Cold Water Rescue

A Scout will be chosen at random to simulate a victim of falling through the ice during a lake crossing.  Scouts will be required to combine ropes (that are provided) to reach the victim on the ice.  Rescuers may not be closer than 30 feet from the victim.  Remember to render first aid to the victim.

30 points for rescue     20 points for team work     20 points for first aid (hypothermia)     10 points for proper lashing to pole

  • Sled should have proper materials to treat hypothermia
  • Sled should have 2-4 Scout Staves and ropes

Ely - Wilderness Survival

Scouts will be scored on team work and their ability to complete a shelter that every Scout must fit in at the same time.  All materials must be on the sled; nothing will be provided.

20 points for team work     10 points for construction of survival tents

  • Sled should have proper materials to create a wilderness shelter

Cross Lake - First Aid Roulette

One Scout will be chosen at random to spin the roulette wheel which will determine what first aid task must be performed.  Sleds must have the proper first aid materials to perform the task; frostbite, sprained ankle head injury, back injury, broken forearm, broken lower leg, broken collar bone or 2nd degree burn to the hand.

10 points for proper material or adequate improvisation     20 point for team work     30 point for proper first aid

  • Sled should have proper first aid material for the above mentioned trauma

Fort Ripley - Black Powder

After each Scout has had the opportunity to learn about and safely fire a Black Powder Rifle, the team will choose three Scouts to shoot one shot each for a combined score on a target.

Overall score is for points     20 bonus points for correctly answering the safety quiz      

  • Must have consent forms for shooters

Silver Bay - Axe Yard and Fire Building

Sleds must contain an axe, saw and safety equipment.  Wood will be provided.  Scouts must saw a limb, split a log into fours to make tinder and kindling for the fire building activity.  The team must build a sustained fire, using the wood they just split.  Whether a fire would be sustained or not will be determined by the city Mayor. Scout may choose to split up the team to save time.  The following fires must be created

  1. Fire by match (matches will be provided)
  2. Fire by alternative source such as magnifying glass, flint and steel, steel wool and battery
  3. Bonus for starting a third fire by friction.  Material will be provided

Bonus points awarded

10 points for safely sawing a limb     10 points for safely splitting a log into 4 pieces     20 points for overall safety     10 points for fire by match     20 point for fire by alternative source     50 points for fire by friction

  • Sled should have awe, saw and safety equipment
  • Sled should have supplies for the alternative source fire #2 above

Waroad - Blind Sled Obstacle Course

Scouts must maneuver the sled through an obstacle course by only voice commands from the guide.  Sled can not be carried, must be pulled at all times.

20 points for team work     20 points for completing the course     -1 point for every obstacle hit     -1 point for every blindfold provided by Mayor of city

  • Sled should have a blindfold for each participant on sled

Nisswa - Stop the Bleed; Save a Life

Participants will learn how to recognize life threatening bleeding and how to provide safety and bleeding control.  Hands on skill practice will be provided so each participant will understand the use of gauze, hemostatic dressing and tourniquets.  The lifesaving activities will not be scored but participants will be judged on the following

20 points for team work     20 points for completing the course     1 point for every correct answer in the quiz     10 bonus points if every Scout can write the Outdoor Code.

Two Harbors - Signaling

Basic signaling techniques will be used to successfully code and transmit a message.  Usage of several methods to send and decode will be used.

20 points for team work     20 points for successfully transmitting and decoding the message     1 point for every correct Morse Code letter the team can write and transmit     10 bonus points for each signaling device on the sled (semaphore flags, signaling mirror, flashlight)

  • Sleds should have signaling device(s)

Black Duck - Hat Making

Each participant and adult can stop in the lodge to make their very own custom Klondike Derby 2017 hat.  Materials will be provided and some assembly will be required.  This event is not scored so just enjoy and have fun!

Grand Marias - Final Klondike Race

Each sled will participate in the Great Race.  This last event of the day may be enough to put your team over the top as the overall Klondike Champion!  This all out race may be a winner take all!  Each team can pick the number of pullers and must have one rider for each leg of the race.  Rider must swap with a puller at each turn.

30 point for first place     20 points for 2nd place     10 points for 3rd place

Sled judges will enforce penalty point deductions for unsafe practices, dropping items (like people) off the sled during the race, and for poor Scout Spirit.  Judges may also award up to 10 bonus points for Great Scout Spirit!

Schedule of Events

Friday, February 9th

4-8 p.m. Check in for Troops camping overnight.  All food and supplies are the responsibility of the units for Friday night.

Saturday, February 10th

8 - 8:45 a.m.     Check in at the main lodge

9 a.m.               Opening flag ceremony

9:15 a.m.          Cities are open for activities

Noon                Lunch provided in the main lodge (each sled must have a mess kit for every Scout/adult.  No extra dishes will                         be available

1 p.m.               Cities re-open for activities

3:45 p.m.          The Great Klondike Sled Race

4:15 p.m.          Awards and closing flag ceremony

Units are welcome to camp Saturday night.  All food and supplies are the responsibility of the units after 4 p.m. on Saturday.  Please be sure to check out with ranger before leaving Sunday morning.

Questions and Contacts

For questions or for late registrations please contact Shawn Pomeroy at [Click for member's page]