OA Complete Second Service Project of Fall





Thanks to the guys who came out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to do an OA Service Project.  Our Chapter members decided to do another service project (our second this fall) installing markers on catch basins.  

We met in Austin at Southgate School at 2:00 PM and installed 28 markers on storm sewer catch basins on 16 St SW and on 19 Av SW.  

The markers say "No Dumping - Drains to River" on them, and have a fish.  They remind the public not to dump things in the street gutter, it ends up in creeks and lakes.  

I know it is hard to give up time on a beautiful fall afternoon, to do service to the community.  Kudos to Noah Zimmerman and Lincoln Shafer from Troop 109, and Nathan Meyer, Willy Burger, and Cameron Krueger from Troop 113 for choosing to give their time and talent for service.  

They were definitely cheerful during their service.  We all had a good time.  Matt and I enjoyed hearing all those bits of wisdom that come out of the brains of Boy Scouts. Brotherhood was both grown, and enjoyed, and the weather couldn't have been much nicer.  

Going to McDonald's after for an ice cream cone was fun too...  

Thanks Guys!!!

Keven Maxa

Chapter Adviser, Southern Trails OA.