Top Ten Reason Why Our Scout Executive Likes Twin Valley Council



The Top Ten reasons why being in Twin Valley Council is the Best

(At least for myself as the Scout Executive-Paul Wilkinson)


#10  The Scout Building is a great place to work, beautiful view out of my window in the fall of the year, and it is paid for!


#9   Drive to Work: It only takes me 8 minutes to drive to work!  I talk to peers that are in traffic at least  45 minutes each way each day!


#8   Can Do Attitude:  The volunteers have a very much of a “can do attitude”.  If they say they will do it, it usually gets done!


#7   Fun!  We have fun together (both the volunteers and the staff) and we enjoy doing life together.


#6   Camps:  We have three great camps which do a very good job of serving the needs of our scouts


#5   Finances:  We have money in the bank, our endowment has grown substantially, and our finances are well on track for 2014.


#4   Membership:  We were one of only a handful of Councils in the Country to have an increase in Membership during 2013 and we are on track to do it again in 2014 which means more kids getting the advantages that Scouting has to offer.


#3   Staff:  We have the best, most dedicated, hardworking, and loyal staff in the country!  This includes the support staff, ranger, paid program aides, and camp staff.


#2   Board:  Our board is filled with dedicated Scouters who bring a ton of knowledge and experience to the board.  I have learned a lot from each and every one of them!


And the #1 reason why working in Twin Valley Council is the best is because we have the best volunteers in the country who will do anything for Scouting because of their dedication to serve youth!