Scoutbook Advancement Sync to ScoutNet Rollout


Scoutbook Advancement Sync to ScoutNet Rollout Overview

A project has been in the works to provide the ability to sync Scoutbook advancement records with ScoutNet.  We're excited to announce that this project was completed and tested, and is now ready to roll out to units starting in June 2017. This means you no longer need to access Internet Advancement for those units currently using Scoutbook!

The rollout will be done weekly to allow us to monitor and control the number of transactions processed during the implementation.  We currently have a list of approximately 160 Scoutbook units that have requested to be activated each week with the intent of having all Scoutbook units activated by July 25th.  After this date, any new units who subscribe to Scoutbook will automatically be activated for the sync.

Once National sets a Scoutbook unit to active, the unit is eligible to participate.  Each unit Key 3 will then receive a notification with documentation on how to set up the unit for the advancement sync.  After the initial steps are completed, all youth advancement records will automatically reflect in ScoutNet within 24 hours.  Scoutbook units will no longer need to generate a .csv file from Scoutbook and upload it into Internet Advancement.

This is a hugs accomplishment in alleviating and simplifying advancement for our unit leaders.