Sneak Peek at the New Cub Scout Program!

As you know, a new Cub Scout program is launching June 1, 2015 that will be more fun and exciting for boys, and easier to implement for unit leaders.  To ensure units are ready to make the transition, Twin Valley Council will be announcing various ways to get a "Sneak Peek" at things.    


Sneak Peek Option 1

The National BSA website has a link that will give you a sneak peek at the program requirements and handbooks. Link




Sneak Peek Option 2

All of your questions and more will be answered at the Cub Scout program training during ScoutWise 2015. ScoutWise is a classroom environment where the participants are led by an instructor who has all the inside knowledge of the program.  ScoutWise will be a great place to learn about the program and be able to ask questions.  Plus, for one fee, you can attend a multitude of classes!  Mark you calendar for this event!

ScoutWise 2015

February 28, 2015

Bethany Lutheran College

Mankato, MN