Communications Merit Badge Opportunity




Troop 4, Mankato, will be hosting a Communications merit badge opportunity for any Scout wishing to attend.

There is not a cost to attend this event, and Scouts are welcome to participate n one or all three sessions.  Those that participate in all three sessions will earn their Communications merit badge.

Sessions will be held over three nights and will include attending a School Board meeting.  Scouts are also expected to arrive with the needed work prepared.

  • Monday, February 19, 2018     6-8p.m.     VFW in Mankato  1900 North Riverfront Drive

    • Scout should arrive prepared to share either an autobiography presentation or sales pitch.  The autobiography can be a short story, collage, web page/blog of a special interest or song/skit.  Sales pitch should include how to speak.  Session will fulfill the five minute speech, discussion on the reports and discuss newsletter option.


  • Monday, March 19, 2018           5-8p.m.       (Following 5 p.m. School Board meeting)

    • Scout should arrive prepared to share an interview of a person.  Connect that persons profession with something in the field of communication and find out their education.  Session will determine who needs a master of ceremonies requirements.


  • Monday, April 23, 2018                6-8p.m.     VFW in Mankato   1900 North Riverfront Drive

    • Scout should arrive prepared with a report that includes all points of view at a public meeting and write a letter to the editor.

To register for this merit badge, please contact one of the merit badge counselors listed below.

Chris Scherer     Troop 4 Scoutmaster

Lisa Vasquez