Special Plans to Enhance or Publicize Fall Recruitment

  • Individual Planning with Every Cub Scout Pack:  The professional staff is meeting with every Cubmaster during the months of July and August to help them plan promotional efforts for their Pack’s Recruitment Drive.   Heavy emphasis on getting Packs to make calls to individual Cub Scout prospects inviting them to the Pack recruitment event a few days before the activity.. 
  • Save the Date Postcard:  A “Save the Date” post card will be mailed out to all potential new Cub Scouts/Parents during the month of August asking them to save the date of September 17th for the purpose of joining Cub Scouting.
  • Radio Promotions:  The Council will be running radio advertisements on two local radio stations before the recruitment drive date of September 17th.   These will be paid advertisements. The stations will also be running PSA ads throughout the campaign. 
  • Values of Scouting Newsletter-Mom’s Addition:  The Marketing Committee is assembling a Values of Scouting Newsletter geared toward mom’s of potential new Cub Scouts which will be mailed to every potential new Cub Scout/parent in the council.  The newsletter will talk about the values of Scouting to the moms and the “fun” of Scouting to the youth.
  • Free Introduction to Cub Scout Camping Event:  A free campout for all boys who join Scouting prior to September 27th.
  • New Web-Site:  Units can lay out their fall recruitment plans and have every parent in their unit contacted.
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Newspaper Wrap:  The Council will once again be purchasing a newspaper wrap to promote the fall recruitment drive in The Mankato Free Press.  The staff will be working with the smaller newspapers to make sure that recruitment and fall stories are covered.
  • Promotional Posters, Fliers, Yard Signs, Post Cards etc:  The council is committed to purchasing much more of these materials than in the past.  Unit were sent an order form asking “how many” of these materials are needed to promote their recruitment activity.  The idea is to “blanket towns” with this information so people know that the recruitment is happening and on what date.
  • District Call Teams:  Every district is organizing call teams similar to FOS call teams.  The teams will call potential new Cub Scouts a couple of days before their recruitment activity to promote Cub Scouting and the upcoming recruitment activity. 
  • Bank Marques:  Contact local banks to place “Join Cub Scouting” on their marques.
  • E-Mail Promotion:  The Marketing Committee created a piece that can be e-mailed by Current Cub Scout Parents to potential Cub Scout Parents showing “why” they want their son(s) to join Scouting this fall.  The site can be visited at www.twinvalleybsa.org/promo.htm.


Fourteen Methods of Contact to Potential New Scouts:

  1. School Take Home Folders and Boy Talks:  Values of Scouting-Mom’s Addition Information Newsletter, Introduction to Cub Camping Incentive Flier, and Joining Fliers in Schools
  2. Mailings to Promote Recruitments:  Values of Scouting-Mom’s Addition Information Newsletter, Introduction to Cub Camping Incentive, and Fliers mailed to potential new Cub Scout Homes  
  3. Early Mailing:  Save the Date Post Cards Mailed out in August.
  4. Yard Signs
  5. Radio Announcements and PSA Ads.
  6. Local Newspaper Advertisements
  7. Television PSA Ads
  8. E-Mail Promotion:  Promotional piece that current Cub Scout Parents can send to potential Cub Scout Parents. 
  9. Telephone Calls:  Personal Calls, by district calling teams, to potential new Cub Scouts and parents. 
  10.  Church Bulletins Inserts
  11. Peer to Peer: Recruitment Efforts
  12. Follow up District Recruitment Events in each District-Direct mailing to potential new Cub Scouts in October.  
  13.  Bank Marques to have “Join Scouting” message the week of recruitment.
  14. Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, etc.


Important Recruitment Dates:

  1. Staff Training and Discussion:  June staff meeting
  2. Volunteer Manpower:  District Recruitment Chairmen are recruited by July 25th.
  3. Council Fall Recruitment Meeting: July 23rd, 6:30 p.m. at the Center for Scouting, Mankato
  4. Individual Planning with EVERY Pack:  During the months of July and August
  5. Volunteer Training:  Three of the districts (Sioux Trails, North Star, and Great Bend) will be conducting training on August 15thth and the other district (Southern Trails) will be conducting training on August 13th .  Yard signs, posters, and other materials distributed at this time. 
  6. Save the Date Post Card:  To be mailed by Mid-August from Scout Office to potential new Cub Scouts.
  7. Date, Place, and Time Information of Recruitment Activities from Units:  Due in the Scout Office by August 30th.
  8. Radio, TV, and Newspaper Promotions:  Start to occur the week of September 3rd.
  9. Personal Telephone Calls:  Occur the night before each recruitment activity.  Most will occur on September 16th.
  10. Council Wide Fall Recruitment Night:  Tuesday, September 17, 2013
  11. Applications due in Scout Office:  By September 27th to attend Free Introduction to Cub Scout Camping Event.
  12.  Follow Up Unit Recruitment Events:  To be conducted during October and November.
  13.  District/City Recruitment Events:  To be conducted during October and November.
  14. Membership Inventory:  To be completed by December 15th.