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Feb 17-18, 2018
Making History

Making History Event


Twin Valley Council is proud to announce the beginning of a new era!


TVC and the Minnesota Historical Society have teamed together to bring you an exciting new event entitled "Making History" which will replace Sleeping with the Dinosaurs (SWTD is no longer a part of the Science Museum program).

Cost for this event is $50 per person.  So mark your calendars and spread the word as Twin Valley Council will be


Saturday, February 17 & 18, 2018
5pm - 8:30am
$50 per person; under age 4 free
if registered by February 9th

This event will be open to the entire family
K-12, siblings and parent


Tentative Schedule and Cost

Saturday Evening

4:00-5:30 PM              Arrival and Brief Introduction to the Overnight (MacMillan Education Entrance Level 2)
                                   Park vehicles in MNHS lot

5:30-6:05 PM              Welcome Show

6:10-6:45 PM              Pizza Dinner 

6:45-9:45 PM              Exploration Block 

10:00-11:00 PM          Movie Presentation

11:00-11:40 PM          Campsite Set-Up / Safety Review

11:45 PM                     Lights Out!

11:45-12:30 AM          Leader and Chaperone “Cracker Barrel” 

Sunday Morning

7:00-7:25 AM              Wake Up Early!  / Campsite Cleanup                                 

7:30-8:30 AM              Continental Breakfast 

8:30 AM                      Pickup Gear & Depart the History Center Using Level 1 Exit

Everyone is welcome to attend this event; siblings, grandparents, everyone!  Cost is $50 per person (those 4 and under are free) if registered by February 9, 2018.  Late fee of $75 is applied after that date.  Registration closes February 14, 2018.


Roundtable Schedule

Event Host Doug Raney of the Minnesota Historical Society will be attending Roundtables near you!  Please mark your calendar and plan to attend.  You'll hear all about this awesome new event and have your questions answered by the one who knows all; Doug Raney!

  • Cedar Valley District held at Cedar Point Scout Camp; January 11, 2018
  • River Stone District held at Mankato West High School; January 9, 2018
  • Western Prairie January 4, 2018     


Topics / Activities / Exhibits

America’s Greatest Generation:  Step into the lives of Minnesota’s Greatest Generation in this 6,000-square-foot exhibit.  True stories from this amazing group of people will take you through each era and leave you inspired.  Members of Minnesota’s Greatest Generation are people we know — they are our grandparents, our parents and our next-door neighbors.  Yet, we may have never heard their stories. These remarkable people — who grew up during the Depression, came of age during World War II and participated in the post-war boom — created a lasting legacy that has shaped all of us who have come after.

  • View classic film clips in a 1930s-style movie theater
  • Get behind the counter of a 1930s soda fountain
  • Watch a recreation of a World War II combat flight in a C-47 plane
  • Join a “Rosie the Riveter” style assembly line packing ammunition shells
  • See an M-8 armored vehicle and a 1955 Ford sedan, both produced at the St. Paul Ford plant


Grainland:  Part of the larger Then Now Wow exhibit, traces the journey of soy and corn from farm to town to grain elevator.  Enjoy climbing through a replica grain elevator where bins and chutes are replaced with steps and slides and curved nooks and crannies to explore.  Hop into the vintage 1900 farmer’s wagon loaded with grain for market, or step into an authentic 24-ton Soo Line boxcar!

Then Now Wow:  From past to present, many “Wow!” moments have shaped this great state. Come learn about them in the largest exhibit ever created by the Minnesota Historical Society!  Explore Minnesota’s history in the prairies, forests and cities, interacting with the people and animals who have made their homes here.  On your journey, you will:

  • Ride a Twin Cities streetcar and peek out the windows as different times and places go by. 
  • Descend underground into an Iron Range mine and drill the ore.
  • Learn about the story of Rondo, a thriving St. Paul African American community torn apart by I-94.
  • Sit in a modern tipi and learn about Dakota history and culture through Bobby Wilson’s poetry and visual art.
  • Visit a pioneer family and imagine what life was like in a 1870s sod house.
  • Hitch a ride on a Soo Line boxcar through Southwestern Minnesota and learn about the history of the area through original music by Charlie Parr.
  • Learn about the fur trade from the perspective of its main commodity, the beaver.
  • See the emergency exit door from the school bus involved in the I-35W bridge collapse signed by all the children and adults aboard the bus.
  • Encounter more artifacts and images unique to Minnesota’s diverse people and historic events.

Weather Permitting:  Explore how Minnesotans have experienced the weather - how they've dressed for it, played in it, battled it, talked about it and survived it.  The exhibit brings to life the elements of Minnesota's theater of seasons and the ways its citizens cope with perpetual highs and lows, drawing upon MNHS collections and an ingenious array of environmental settings and cleverly clothed mannequins to present the ordeals, rituals and memories of Minnesota weather.  With artifacts, photographs, multimedia shows and hands-on activities, the exhibit is an exploration of the weather's impact on our lives now and through history.

  • Experience a tornado from a recreated 1960s home in “Get to the Basement!” a powerful multimedia show focusing on the human experiences and emotions evoked by a series of tornadoes that struck Fridley in May 1965.
  • Learn the how the Weatherball became a downtown landmark and a common word in the local vocabulary.
  • Peek into a vintage ice-fishing house and explore the frigid charms of ice fishing      

Open House: If These Walls Could Talk:  This interactive exhibit brings to life the adage “if these walls could talk” by using a single, existing house-in the Railroad Island neighborhood on St. Paul’s East Side-as a window into the daily lives of people of the past.  Stories of families, from the first German immigrants through the Italians, African-Americans, and Hmong who succeeded them, are told through rooms representing different eras of the house.  Visitors become detectives, piecing together lives of the families who lived at 470 Hopkins Street.

  • Try on uniforms representing lives of the East Side workers - brewery and railroad workers, housewives and hat makers - who made their home here.
  • Take a seat at the dining room table and listen to memories of a former resident’s meeting her future in-laws at a big family dinner.
  • Look out a living room window to find out about Laos and Thai refugee camps, visions from the journey that some of these families took to America.
Adventure Loops/Webelos Pins/Merit Badge Possibilities

There will be opportunities for Scouts to complete adventure requirements or merit badge requirements at this event.  Some will be completed in full others will be partial.   Participants are not required to complete adventures or merit badges, it is your choice.

  • Tiger Cubs - Tiger Tale Adventures 
  • Wolf Cubs - Collections & Hobbies
  • Bear Cubs - Paws for Actions and Beat of the Drum
  • Webelos - Art Explosion
  • Merit Badges
    • American Culture
    • American Heritage
    • Collections
    • Indian Lore
    • Mining in Society
    • Weather
Questions and Contacts

Questions about this event can be directed to Doug Raney  651-485-2908 or [Click for member's page]