2016 Family Campaign

Friends of Scouting


"Build An Adventure"

The Family Friends of Scouting (FOS) is the opportunity to ensure every family hears the Scouting story and has the chance to invest financially in the program.

Everyone is a part of Twin Valley Council, and has a vested interest in Scouting's health and ability to positively impact the lives of young people.  Twin Valley partners with community organizations who charter 132 Scouting units of Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Venturing crews and Exploring posts - serving nearly 3000 youth. 

We are proud that the Twin Valley Council long term camping programs achieved National Accreditation.  The Council operates three outstanding Scouting camps; Norseland, Cedar Point and Cuyuna Scout Camp.  The Scouting program has served this community to make sure every youth has the opportunity to experience the fun and adventure of Scouting.  Scouting has a proud past and bright future!

We all want what's best for our children and each young boy involved in Scouting has a wonderful opportunity to learn important life skills and timeless values that will inspire and prepare them for the future.  A boy who joins Scouting begins a journey along the Scouting trail will experience much more than the destination would lead one to expect. From one adventure to the next, he develops life skills and values that will be his moral compass forever.

How Your FOS Contribution Benefits Scouts and Families

To help our units, Twin Valley Council maintains a Center for Scouting to...

  • Handle registrations, Boys' Life subscriptions and special requests to the BSA National Office and other organizations.
  • Keep records of advancement, membership, training, etc. necessary for unit operation.
  • Provide forms, applications, certificates and literature helpful in unit programs and recruitment.
  • Process registrations for equipment, long term camping, short term camping, jamborees, high adventure bases, training courses, meetings, Exploring activities, annual council and district meetings and unit leader events.
  • Process Eagle applications and assist Eagle Board of Reviews.
  • Maintain a Scout Shop which is stocked with the latest materials.

To assist leaders, Twin Valley Council employs a trained full-time staff who counsel, guide and inspire our Scouters through...

  • Guidance of all committees, commissioners, roundtables, meetings, conferences, courses and district and council activities in the development of programs that directly benefit leaders and units.
  • Contacts with community resources securing help for all units that they alone could not obtain such as use of parks, recreational areas, use of buildings for special affairs, picnic areas, campsites and swimming facilities.

To provide our units with both district and Twin Valley Council activities and service, the Council...

  • Plans and conducts various types of activities in which units participate, such as the spring and fall Cub-o-Rees and EXPO.
  • Recruits and trains a corps of commissioners for assisting with unit programs and maintaining Scouting standards.

In educational and relationships program, the Twin Valley Council provides the leader with...

  • Informal and formal training course with literature and materials, plus all of the staff time included in the council budget.
  • Monthly roundtable for the benefit of leaders, committee members, assistants and den leaders.

In the field of camping and outdoor activities the Twin Valley Council...

  • Covers the cost of camp repairs, replacement, utilities, maintenance, taxes, insurance and camp rangers.
  • Employs full time camp rangers for the protection of Scouting reservations and for the convenience of units using facilities.
  • Provides "camperships" for Scouts who need a little assistance in order to have a great camp experience.
  • Offers units high adventure bases, including Philmont Scout Ranch, Florida Sea Base, Northern Tier, The Summit, National Jamborees, camp-o-rees, and other special events.

To protect the unit leader, Twin Valley Council...

  • Provides youth protection training for all adult leaders and conduct criminal background checks.
  • Maintains liability insurance for all members and charter organizations.
  • Maintains accident insurance for protection of all youth members and leaders.
  • Has staff members available at all times to meet any emergency.
Scouting does make a difference!

For every 100 boys that enter Scouts:

  • 30 will drop out the first year.
  • Rarely will one appear before a juvenile court judge.
  • 12 will be from families that belong to no church, 6 of these will be brought into contact with a church and continue.
  • 3 will become pastors
  • 4 will reach the rank of Eagle Scout
  • 45 will serve in the military
  • 1 person will use Scout skills to save somebody else's life
  • 2 will report that they used Scout Skills to save their own lives
  • 17 will later serve as adult volunteers
  • 8 will find their future life vocation from Scouting
  • 5 will receive church emblems

Only 4 out of 100 boys in the USA will become Scouts but of the leaders of this nation in business, religion and politics, 3 out of 4 were Scouts.  Only 4% of our nation's youth were Scouts, yet 65% of all college and university graduates were Scouts.

26 of 29 of the first Astronauts in NASA's program were Eagle Scouts, and 133 of 233 astronauts were Scouts at one time.

A Nationwide survey showed that:

  • Of Senior Class Presidents 89% were Scouts
  • Of Junior Class Presidents 80% were Scouts
  • Student Council Presidents 85% were Scouts
  • School newspaper editors 88% were Scouts
  • Football Captains 71% were Scouts
  • Basketball Captains 64% were Scouts
  • 64% of Air Force Academy graduates were Scouts
  • 58% West Point graduates were Scouts
  • 70% of Annapolis graduates were Scouts
  • 72% Rhodes Scholars were Scouts
  • 85% of FBI Agents were Scouts at one time

Just being part of the Scouting program give the opportunity to "better and belong".  Some famous Eagle Scouts are Sam Walton, James Lovell, Hank Aaron, Gerald Ford, John Glenn, Ross Perot, Steven Spielberg and Mike Rowe.

Some "not quite Eagles" include John F Kennedy, Jimmy Stewart, Harrison Ford, Merlin Olson, Richard Gere, Nolan Ryan, Jim Morison, Joe Theisman, Bill Gates and Paul McCartney.

Scouting does make a difference.

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Learn How Your Or Your Business Can Become A Merit Badge Sponsor

Last year Twin Valley Council recognized the efforts of our young men by awarding 2078 Merit Badges.  Merit Badges have been the cornerstone of the Boy Scouts since 1910, providing honest proof that the skills Scouts learn truly last a lifetime.

Through our Merit Badge Sponsorship Program, our communities; business and individuals, have the opportunity to support the Scouting program.  Please join Twin Valley Council in thanking the following Merit Badge sponsors.

If you or your business would like to become a Merit Badge Sponsor please contact Twin Valley Council at 507-387-3123 for more details

Merit Badge Sponsorship Opportunities