Cuyuna Stewards Award


Cuyuna Specific Award meant to help build, sustain and motivate the volunteer workforce at Cuyuna by demonstrating the Twin Valley Council’s appreciation and respect for their efforts.

Program is structured around ongoing service to Camp Cuyuna.

The program is for service above and beyond standard summer-camp service projects and OA service projects or other preset service programs (above and beyond the call of duty as it were…)

Graduated levels of recognition based on cumulative hours of service.

This program is only one component in an overall effort to achieve the goal of building, sustaining, and motivating a volunteer workforce at Cuyuna. It has to be complimented by good relationships (interaction with Ranger and Council), etc…

Recognition vs. Service Hours


 Cumulative Service Hours





 Cuyuna Steward Polo Shirt


 Cuyuna Steward Jacket


 2 free nights in family-camp cabin


 Plaque for the individual/ Plaque to be displayed with Names

Record Keeping

  • The Camp Ranger is the primary care-taker of the program
  • Commissioners will coordinate with/ assist the Ranger during summer camp