Why Selling Popcorn Is So Important


There are many different fundraiser in which your unit could participate.  So what makes popcorn so special?

1. Popcorn can be used to fund your units entire Scouting year with only one fundraiser.  

2. Popcorn sales not only support your unit directly, but also indirectly by supporting the Twin Valley Council. Here are some different ways your popcorn sales help everyone in the Council

  • Three camping facilities (Cuyuna, Norseland, Cedar Point) operated and maintained on a year round basis for your unit.  Expenses exceeded revenues for these 3 camps in 2016 by over $45,000.  Some expenses for the three camps you may not have considered are
    • Insurance on buildings and contents - $24,815
    • Electricity and heating - $22,865
    • Building and facility maintenance - $9000
    • Phone/internet at camp - $3117
  • Scout Shop and Center for Scouting service center open weekdays 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday -Friday to answer questions and purchase advancements and supplies
    • Scout Shop is a service and not a money maker.  Scout Shop makes $18,344 (difference between net sales and cost of goods).  This does not pay for the Scout Shop Manager's salary.
    • Process registrations, Boy's Life magazine subscriptions, Eagle Scout paperwork, advancement records, training records, event registrations, maintain website, answer questions, etc.  All these services are provided free of charge to units.
  • Recruitment - getting new families involved in Scouting (youth and adult).  Flyers, posters, parent packets, marketing Scouting, etc. all at no cost to your unit but have a total cost of $12,000
  • Liability Insurance for Charter Partners, Adult Leaders, Officers and Directors.  Total cost $10,277.
  • District committee support, adult leader recruitment/support/training and professional staff support.  
  • Planning and organizing a variety of activities that are "plug and play" for your unit designed to offer a program that most individual units are not able to do on their own.  This includes Cub Scout Day Camps, Fun with Sons, Webelos Camps, Boy Scout summer camp at Cuyuna, Sleeping with the Dinosaurs, Scout Night at the MoonDogs, just to name a few.
Commission Structure and 2017 Cuyuna Fees  

Packs can earn a total of 32% commission and Troops can earn a total of 34% commission (by opting out of the prize program).  Use this information to begin planning how to maximize the most commission for your unit. 


Your unit can save $30 per boy on early bird  Cuyuna summer camp registration fees by having an average sale of $375 per boy.   This cost savings is a way to recognize those troops that help keep these cost low by selling popcorn.  Both popcorn and Friends of Scouting are vital to keeping camp fees low.  In order for camping operations to “break even”, camp fees would have to go up by over $110 per boy.  Thanks to units selling popcorn and families supporting Friends of Scouting, fees are only increase between $15 and $30. 

Click here for 2018 Cuyuna Fees  2018 Cuyuna Boy Scout Camp Fees.pdf

Popcorn Prizes

Twin Valley Council is pleased to announce we have partnered with BSA National Supply again this year to provide prizes.  The advantages of this include:

  • A wider variety of prizes Scouts can choose from in each prize level.
  • Prizes are shipped directly to the popcorn kernel's or unit leader's home.
  • Fully integrated program both in printed materials and into the Campmaster website

In addition to the individual prize program, we are pleased to bring back the“Ten Day Blitz” prize that your Scouts can earn.  Exciting additions to this years bonus prizes; MidSale Madness prize and the $1500 Club membership!

Campmaster will still be providing "High Achiever Prizes" as a bonus prize for Scouts sell $1500 in popcorn, sell $2000 in popcorn, or sell $3000 in popcorn (prizes are not cumulative).  All Scouts are eligible for this prize regardless if their unit is a prize unit or not.
Please Note:  If your unit troop takes the extra 2% commission and “opts out” of prizes, your troop is only eligible for the Campmaster “High Achiever Prizes”.  When you “opt out”, you opt out of the “Ten-Day Blitz”, “$!500 Club”, and $25 Camp Discount, as well as the individual prize level prizes.

Pay AnyWhere Credit Card Reader

Twin Valley Council has partnered with “PayAnywhere” to provide credit card readers at no charge for the 2017 Popcorn sale!   

The best part - Twin Valley will pay the 2.69% transaction fee!  No expense to the units!

  • Your unit will increase popcorn sales because customers won't have to have cash/check on hand to make purchase.
  • Convenience for your customers and parents allowing them to make credit card payments on everything from popcorn, registration fees, camp fees, dues, etc. and money goes directly into your unit account.