We hope this message finds you rested after a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Here's What's Happening in Twin Valley Council

Popcorn Prizes

Many of you have asked about Popcorn Prizes.  The prizes that were ordered online have started shipping.  Your popcorn chair should receive them shortly.  The "Steps to Success" prizes will be handed out at round tables this week.  Speaking of popcorn, just a reminder that we will be cashing popcorn checks on Friday, December 5th.

Merit Badge Midway 

The event sounds like it's going to be a huge success with over 100 youth registered!  Just a reminder that every unit that has a youth attending is responsible for providing the appropriate adult leadership.  Please contact Blake Litzau or Jim Pingel for more details.

Merit Badge Midway - It's The Place To Be!

Space is limited at this event so don't wait until the last minute; REGISTER TODAY!


Disney on Ice

Don't forget Disney on Ice is happening December 12th.  Check it out!

It's Scout Night With Disney On Ice!

It's family affair! Order your tickets today!


Scout Days at Mount Kato

Scout Days at Mount Kato are fast approaching!  Take advantage of the special pricing and enjoy this wonderful stuff we call snow!  Scout days at Mount Kato begins December 12th!


Scout Days at Mount Kato!

Once again Mount Kato is offering Scout Days!


Center for Scout Holiday and Inventory Hours

With the holidays and the end of year fast approaching, be sure to check the calendar before heading to the Center for Scouting.  Our hours are different this month and a full listing can be found on the Council website.


Holiday and Inventory Hours Newly Added Content

Please note the Center for Scouting will be closed the following dates for the Holidays and year end Inventory!


Volunteers Needed for Kiwanis Holiday Lights

Twin Valley Council is fortunate enough to have a volunteer night at the Holiday Lights on December 27th. This is a family event so bring everyone and join us!  Details about times and duties can be found on the Council website!  See you there!


Scout Night at Holiday of Lights Needs You!

Twin Valley Council is proud to be able to host a Scout volunteer night at Holiday of Lights in Mankato.


Year End Inventory

Just a reminder the Scout Shop will be closed for year end inventory on January 2nd and 5th.  Please plan accordingly so your Scouts do not miss out any awards!


Holiday and Inventory Hours Newly Added Content

Please note the Center for Scouting will be closed the following dates for the Holidays and year end Inventory!


Wilderness First Aid Training

Twin Valley Council is hosting Wilderness First Aid Training!  Registration is limited to the first 12 adults that register.  This event is January 17th and people have already begun to register.  Don't wait till the last minute!


Wilderness First Aid Training To Be Offered

Anyone headed into the back country should "Be Prepared" for emergency!


Winter Wonderland Event

Great Bend district is hosting a Winter Wonderland event on January 19th.  The kids are out of school so why not sign them up for this great event!  Ice Fishing, Ice Skating, Broom Ball, and more!  Details and registration can be found on the Great Bend District page of the Council website.  This event is limited to the first 40 kids so don't wait!  Sign up today!


Winter Wonderland Event!

Let's celebrate this great state in which we live and enjoy the season we call winter!

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