Camp Commissioner

The first general duty of a Camp Commissioner is to assist the troops in his charge in becoming stronger, better-organized, and better-prepared to program their own activities. The Commissioner’s job is to help troops, patrols, and individuals carry out a purposeful program of fun and adventure. The Commissioner is responsible to the Ranger and Camp Director and will operate this area of the camp program or administration. The Camp Commissioner must be at least 18 years old.

Duties include:

  • See that troops are organized for the camp experience and camping is by the patrol method.
  • Help interpret the patrol method and how it can work through daily meetings with senior patrol leaders and supervision of patrol leaders.
  • Teach leaders the best leadership skills and how to achieve Scouting goals in the lives of boys.
  • Have suggestions available for Scoutmasters regarding good unit and patrol activities, program features for older Scouts, special events, and inter-unit activities to be handled through the SPL Council.
  • Provide immediate help in meeting specific and urgent problems.
  • Interpret camp policies and regulations where necessary.
  • Inspect campsites and manage Baden-Powell award.
  • Make sure each troop has a well-rounded, attainable daily camp program based on the principles of the Scouting method.
  • Make a comprehensive analysis of every Troop contacted during summer camp. Follow-up will be conducted by the Camp Director.
  • During pre-camp period, ensure all campsites, commissioner areas and equipment are properly set up and in good working condition.
  • Act as chairperson for the Senior Patrol Leaders’ meetings.
  • Plan content for and conduct Scoutmaster Coffee.
  • Responsible for Scoutmaster training coordination.
  • Participate in staff meetings, sharing ideas for the continual improvement of the camp program.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Camp Director.
  • Must be certified in CPR.