Counselors In Training

The Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program is operated by the Program Director. CIT’s are responsible to the Camp Director through the Program Director and their assigned area director.

PHILOSOPHY- CITs are to be considered staff members and thereby to be given the respect due to staff members. They are volunteering their time and resources to the Boy Scouts who attend Cuyuna Scout Camp.

GOALS- CITs will have the opportunity to experience camp as a staff member so that they may make more informed decisions regarding working at camp in the future. Although being a CIT does not guarantee future employment, it does tend to increase the chance of being hired in the future due to prior experience. They will be encouraged to earn merit badges within and outside of their assigned areas with the direction of the Camp Director.

METHODS- CITs will be assigned to work in various areas so as to best experience all aspects of the camp program. They will work at camp for three weeks and are expected to participate in staff week. They will also participate in all staff meetings, sharing ideas for the continual improvement of camp program. Duties may be assigned by the Camp Director, Program Director or Area Director of assignment.