S.P.L's Corner

Senior Patrol Leaders, are you ready for Cuyuna? Remember, you are the leader of the troop. The Scoutmaster and other adults are there to advise you, but you are in charge. It's never too early to start planning!

The Senior Patrol Leader is the youth responsible for leading the Patrol Leader's Council through the week of camp.  Senior Patrol Leaders will meet six times during your stay at Cuyuna:  Sunday after the camp wide meal (approximately 7 p.m.) at the camp wide meal area and at 8:30 a.m. each morning at the Scoutmaster Coffee Area.

This year camp will be offering many exciting programs and activities that are definitely going to add to everyone's "Cuyuna experience". You'll see what we mean as you read the rest of the information about camp. We want to make sure each troop is as informed as possible. Part of our hope is that you will help us to make that possible. As your troop's Senior Patrol Leader, we're asking you to take an active role in making sure the scouts in your troop know what's going on.

Patrol Leaders Council

This group consists of the Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leaders, and Troop Guides.  They plan and carry out the troop program in camp and at home.  they also conduct progress reviews as needed.  If the Patrol Leader of any patrol is unable to attend camp, his patrol should elect a temporary Patrol Leader.  The troop should plan on having a Patrol Leader's Council meeting at least twice while at camp.