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NEW FOR 2018


 The Camping Committee is excited to announce the additions of four new Merit Badges for Summer Camp 2018.



Chess is one of the oldest board games in the world, and it ranks among the most popular games ever created.  Chess is played worldwide - even over the internet.

Learn Chess this summer at Cuyuna - be a part of the fun the world has experienced for years!



Have you ever watched with wonder as lightning lit up the night sky during a thunderstorm?  Have you ever combed your hair on a cold day and heard it crackle?  Have you ever pulled a clingy sock away from your T-shirt as it was removed from a warm dryer?  All these phenomena are examples of electricity.

Learn more about electricity now available at Cuyuna; summer 2018!




Public Speaking

Learning to carry yourself well, speak effectively in public, listen carefully, and understand the needs of the audience are important skills that can help you throughout your life.

After you have earned the Public Speaking merit badge,  the Communication merit badge will be an extension of what you have already learned and established in Public Speaking.

But for now, enjoy the Public Speaking merit badge while you are at summer camp.  It may even by fun!



This merit badge is a good fit with preparing Scouts for their future and offers a fun way to explore a skill that can grow into a hobby or career.  The Welding merit badge will enable you to learn hands-on how to join metals using welding techniques. The skills you learn may even be helpful for making or repairing items for their troop.  This class will help build "holes" for camps new Frisbee golf course as part of the course requirements.  Due to the limited equipment and the hands on nature of this program, only 4 Scouts per week will be able to take this class.  Also please be advised, this is a new merit badge and will be contingent on hiring a qualified instructor.

There will be a $15 additional fee for the Welding Merit Badge.

Prerequisite:  3rd Year Camper


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