The goal of the Eagle Trail program is to give 1st year campers a program that allows them to work on requirements from Tenderfoot to First Class and to have a program were they are matched with other youth their own age.  Eagle Trail will meet daily from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  Several Merit Badges aimed at 1st year campers are available in the afternoons.

Due to variation in class sizes and boys' existing skills, we can't guarantee coverage of each topic.  In the Eagle Trail program, we cover a large number of topics in a very short time.  We strongly encourage leaders to review, refresh, practice, and verify that young Scouts have truly mastered the skills involved prior to awarding rank advancements at a Court of Honor.

Eagle Trail is a well rounded, comprehensive, full time program that remains flexible for each troop's unique needs.  We suggest Scouts in the Eagle Trail program not take merit badges in the morning unless they are already Second Class Scouts working towards First Class.  We've accounted for this by scheduling the badges most frequently taken by first year campers in the afternoon time slots.

- Knots
- First Aid
- Buddy System
- Totin' Chip
- Fire Building
- Map, Compass and Orienteering
- Hiking
- Plant and Animal Identification
- Safety Afloat
- Aquatics Safety
- Boating
- Lashings and Camp Gadgets
- Weather